are you crav'ing some vodka?

 A couple of weeks ago, I was invited along with some other local peeps to check out a new vodka from Cleveland boy, Thomas Rini, at Pier W.  It was a nice night and the vodka was tasty.  

The evening started with Tom telling us a little bit about himself, his ties to Cleveland, and his unique vodka.  It's unique because instead of being distilled multiple times, Crav is only distilled once in a four column distillation process.  (Who knew the night was going to include a little science?!) 

But what really mattered is how did it taste?! 

There must be something in the 4 column distillation process because this vodka was smooth.  Like could drink it straight if I wanted to.  And we did.  All in the name of educating ourselves, of course.

After trying it straight, I tried the Raspberry Lime Crav Sensation.  This was a fresh lemonade, lime juice, raspberry with a sprig of mint bundle of joy.  They were delish and could make for a dangerous night because the vodka is so smooth, you hardly even notice it.  

And in the name of educating myself again, I tried the Craving Ginger Rogers.  I couldn't just take everyone else's word on how good this was, I had to try it for myself.  The Ginger Rogers was made up of Crav vodka, ginger and orange blossom infused syrup, and a twist of time.  (but after a few rounds the  twist became a wedge and then was left out all together which was a bit sad because look how pretty the twist looked)

Crav just became available in the last couple of weeks and you can find it at a bunch of places around town: Bier Market, Blind Pig, Fahrenheit, Happy Dog, Lolita, Market, Southside, The Garage Bar among others.  

And let's just take a minute to enjoy the view from just outside of Pier W.
Just felt a little bit like Barbara Walters there for a second....

Thanks to Tom Rini, Pier W, and Crav spirits for hosting this event of complimentary tastings and small plates.  

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Fizzgig said...

hello....vodka! You are my second love after wine, and a new brand is always exciting! I may have to give this one a whirl, and get off the three olives train.

Wait, do they make chocolate? Because this is singularly the best invention since sunkist, and together...they are a marriage in my mouth.

I think I drink too much.