unexpected evenings are always the most fun

Saturday evening after I had decided that I was going to stay in and cementing that decision with taking out my contacts and pulling my hair back in a headband and a ponytail, I got a text from Allison.  Her and her amazeballs husband (seriously a marathon and law school graduation on the same day?!  show off!) and her brothers were hanging at a bar about 20 seconds from my house and maybe 21 seconds from her house.  Well, a few minutes later me and my glasses were hanging at the bar too.  

And a few hours later, this was the scene in their living room.

I also have about 5 blurry photos of their fridge.  I believe it's one blurry photo for ever jar of pickles I saw in there----or maybe I was just drunk.

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Heather said...

Haha! Is he playing air guitar? Or maybe I don't want to know what he's doing.....