who doesn't love a good wedding?

So Bacon must have known that I wanted to watch the wedding (even though I was dvring it on 2 different channels---NBC and E! Yep, I am that girl) because he woke me up at 3:59 to go outside. After a quick pee it was back in bed to watch a little of the peeps entering the Abbey. After my workout, more wedding watching. I cannot wait to go home and watch the coverage and the recaps. I am sure I will be checking the internet for more photos of the dress as well as the guests throughout the day.

Of the limited coverage I was able to watch this morning, one of my favorite moments was when William and Kate were sitting listening to the priest and it looked like William was about to bust out laughing. I love when Royals show they are human.

But seriously, that dress! I love it.

image found here.

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Sara said...

Hooray for a good wedding! They did look so happy, and I can't wait to watch more!