I think I am giving birth to a samoas baby

I love this time of year and I hate this time of year. The Girl Scouts might be the death of me. I have no self control and Girl Scout cookies are no exception to this. I buy boxes and boxes of samoas-I even freeze them to slow myself down from eating them because they just aren't as good frozen and you might break a tooth. They are just that good--I think it's the crack those damn Girl Scouts put in those cookies.

Well, I think I have eaten too many. I might have even found my limit. And I am pretty sure there is a 10 pound ball of caramel and coconut in my body that no amount of stomach acid will break down. Maybe another 9 months and I will give birth to a bouncing baby coconut ball-God, I hope not, it's kind of painful already.

image found here.


smitten in cle said...

I love sitting down with a fresh cup of coffee and reading your blog. Something about 'i don't mean to sound slutty' and 'i think i'm giving birth to a samoas baby' that just makes my day better! These girl scouts are drug dealers. There's crack in those cookies, I swear. Fear of cracking a tooth can't even stop me from eating them frozen :) my mouth hurts

Bite Buff said...

Feel free to bring some over here. :)