I don't get what the big deal is

A little boy wearing hot pink nail polish....oh the horror!

There are so many other things to worry about and this is what causes an uproar?! Who cares that the US has multiple wars going on at the same time. Who cares that gas prices are $4. Who cares that there was almost a government shutdown last week. Who cares that healthcare is a mess. Nope, Jenna Lyons painting her son's toe-nails pink for the J.Crew catalog is a big deal. I do realize that Jenna using her son in the catalog might raise a few eyebrows--did she knowingly use her son to make a statement, etc. But it seems that people are more upset about a boy wearing nail polish than anything else.

I think it's selling some Essie Pink Parka is what I think it's doing. Now I am off to locate this polish.

image found here.


tangotillyouresore said...

The Gawker article on this was pretty entertaining: http://gawker.com/#!5791301/conservative-idiots-freak-out-about-boy-wearing-nail-polish-in-j-crew-ad

Fizzgig said...

yea people are still under the impression you can turn someone gay by doing those things. geez if that were true, i would be gay cus of the hours and years I spent playing GI Joe w/my brother. and he would be gay for all the times we put wigs and dresses on him!

Kids should be left to be kids, they dont know any better.

Baby Mama said...

Agree. 100% agree.