I don't really need to recap the crazy that is Charlie Sheen for anyone.  It's a serious train wreck.  And yes I might have listened to Tiger Blood Radio on Sirius this weekend to get 24 hours of Charlies Sheen news---I also watch Celebrity Rehab---I like train wrecks.  But really I could care less if Charlie Sheen is still on drugs or if he has just lost his damn mind.  The piece of information I really want to know is: does Charlie Sheen wear a toupee?

Oh and I want him to stop wearing that Cleveland Indians cap...hasn't Cleveland been through enough?!

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Joanne said...

You know, I used to like Charlie Sheen. Espec. his character in Three & 1/2 Men. Now, he's just acting like a crazy idiot. It's sad really. I wonder how long he has before he does himself in with drugs.
It's really getting to be old news. Hopefully the media won't give him any more attention.