little vending machine, I will miss you (at least for the next few weeks)

It's Lent again. Actually it's been Lent for 5 days now but I am way behind on everything, including cleaning my house---maybe I should have given up not cleaning for Lent. Anyway, moving on. Again this year, I gave up the vending machine at work. Those little Donettes call my name. So do 100 Grand bars. And Fritos. And Twix. And Fruit Pies.
I also gave up soda/pop.
So yeah, I am way fun to be around right now. It's like taking Charlie Sheen's twitter account away from him.
Maybe next year I will try and give up internet shopping. Who am I kidding, that's likely to be as sucessful as the year I tried to give up swearing. I lasted exactly one fucking minute after declairing that Lenten promise to my co-workers.

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alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i'm glad that i'm not the only one who loves fruit pies.