doing anything to avoid dealing with the real problem

Because I am trying to avoid thinking about the buckets sitting in my back room that are collecting the water dripping from the ceiling (stupid flat roof) and the how the drywall ceiling is going to need to be replaced, I am thinking about how I want an inflatable screen for my backyard. Not so I can watch movies but so I could move the wii out there (temporarily, of course) and play Dance Party 2 outside once the weather finally gets nice. The screen doesn't need to be inflatable but I am kind of thinking this wii dance party in the backyard seriously needs to happen. And who needs a ceiling in a room that doesn't even have furniture?


Bite Buff said...

I'm in!

Sucky about your leak- boo.

Fizzgig said...

cant you use your garage door? this could also double as entertainment for your whole neighborhood!

Man, everyones having leak problems! stupid effing rain!