the truth about cats and dogs

If you haven't figured out, I am a dog person (and not even all dogs---I mainly like MY dog, a few of my friends' dogs, and some other random ones but not all of them including most of the ones that hang out at the Lakewood dog park). I like cats, kind of. And by like cats, I mean I don't actively hate them but I will totally judge you if you are a cat person. (Sorry to all my cat loving weirdos in my life. I still love you but not as much as if you had an awesome dog.) And if you are a man who has a cat...I don't think I could love you long time. I would think you're kind of weird and not in a good way. It's almost like I would prefer you to be a dirtball who lives in their mother's basement with no car and a drug habit than be a single man with a house, a car, a job, no drug habit and a cat.

A single guy with a cat is equal to a single woman and 4 cats....just sayin'.

I don't care what this campaign says.

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JenC said...

My guy would definitely not be for you then! He is a total cat person and had one before we met. To be fair, it is all he's known as that is what his parents always had. He thinks they are funny though and does not enjoy having one sit on his lap, so maybe that makes it okay. ; )

Alana said...

That's the perfect analogy.

Fizzgig said...

I have both so that makes me super awesome. I use to think I would love a guy who has a cat, cus surely hed appreciate the fact that I spoon my dog in bed, and my cats sleep on my head, and not judge me.

but that all went out the window when i finally did date a guy who loved his cat a little too much.

its probably due to the fact that hes a total douche, and not the cats fault.

but i liked your post nonetheless!