Happy Tuesday!

Sometimes being a grown up isn't very fun.
Sometimes people suck.
Sometimes honesty isn't always the best policy.
Sometimes you feel like a sell out.
Sometimes you want to scream and stomp and throw a tantrum.
Sometimes being treated like a child only makes you want to act like one.
Sometimes you wish for a snow day so you can sit around, watch television, and shovel the driveway. But instead you go to work and call the neighbor to see if his boys want to shovel your driveway for a fee.

image found here.


Heather said...

I hate to say this, but I have a snow day today....gonna go get my hair did (and maybe my nails!).

Alana said...

Adult snow days need to be more common. Why waste our time and sanity sitting in gridlock?

Bite Buff said...

How did you find that picture of me? ;)

Happy Tuesday.