Tonight---Party at the West Park Station

My friend Nicole is participating in Team in Training. That kind of means she's nuts. She raising money for a 100 mile bike ride in Lake Tahoe in June. (that's where the nuts part comes in) Even though she is a little nutty, it's a great cause and she's a great person.

Starting at 6pm tonight it's $20 for all the food you can eat and beer you can drink starting at 6pm. ($10 of each ticket goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) There is also a case of Great Lakes Christmas Ale that's going to be auctioned off as part of this fundraiser.

Crooked River Band starts at 7pm and there is a DJ starting at 10pm.

West Park Station is donating 12% of all food and beverage sales to LLS from 5-9 so even if you don't want to pay the $20 for the all you can eat food and drink you can still support the cause.

Since it's Thursday most people are going to be drinking somewhere anyway (and everyone needs to eat dinner), come up to West Park Station and eat and drink for $20. Or just eat dinner and have a beer or 2 or 10 between 5 and 9pm and you'll be supporting the cause. I'll be there (even though I don't always place nice with others I will be on my best behavior this evening, I promise)!

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Heather said...

On a serious note, I think it's great you posted this on your blog, Suzanne. We all need help when we commit to raising money for a great cause!!