Netflix + me = nerdy

I recently signed back up with Netflix--it had been a few years since I was a member. I was watching too much reality television to be considered healthy and I could feel my brain slipping away. Actually I was starting to secretly want to be a Real Housewife of Cleveland or some crap show like that (at least it's not 16 and Pregnant...even though I am no where close to 16 and there isn't a show called 34 and Not Pregnant) One might ask how is Netflix going to help with my rotting brain when there are movies like I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Center Stage out there...well I watch the weirdest collection of stuff from Netflix. Mostly documentaries. Actually like 90% of what I watch on Netflix is a documentary (examples: Exit Through the Gift Shop, September Issue, Religulous, Tapped. And I have more waiting in the queue: Spirit of the Marathon, Tyson, Valentin The Last Emperor, etc)

I save that other 10% for stuff like The Legend of Billie Jean----Fair is fair!


JenC said...

I think I've seen that movie at least 40 times. Of course, most viewings were in my teens. Great flick!

Totally random, but I had a dream about you last night. I dreamt that I accidentally had one of your high heels (not the pair, but just one). And, I was missing one of my flat boring shoes. Weird, huh?

smitten in cle said...

Love the Legend of Billie Jean. And I'd totally qualify for the 34 and not pregnant show too :)

Fizzgig said...

i love 16 and pregnant! it reminds me why i dont want them.

oh, and i love anything 80s movie! yesss!

Bite Buff said...

When I was home on medical leave I watched:

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami
Say Yes to the Dress
Giuliana & Bill

and much more! So I give you credit, because I still used it to watch shit reality shows. LOL