Jersey Shore....bitch

Oh, how I have missed these hot messes. I was out and missed the live airing but thankfully for my trusty little dvr, I was watched the season premiere as soon as I got home. This show always makes me feel the need for a scalding hot shower and a shot of penicillin but I love it anyway. The new girl shows her lady parts to The Situation on the first day--who does that?! And you see her macking on Vinnie in the hot tub in the previews. Seriously, that hot tub has to be a breeding ground for every STD known to man as well as a few ones that haven't been discovered yet.
I am so happy to have the little meatballs and guido juiceheads back in my life.
photo found here.


Fizzgig said...

i agree these people are skeevy and disgusting...but i do like to watch them fight! muh ah ah ah

Heather said...

Ummmm, did you catch Pauly's mom asking him if they clean the hot tub? LOVED IT.

Bite Buff said...


Life is over as we know it. Good thing MTV does re-runs!