Hi my name is Suzanne and I am an addict....

(see, even Dr. Drew is worried about me)

I might need an intervention. A cheese and wine and beer and carb intervention. It's getting a bit out of control, so much so that I am actually craving a salad and water. My body seems to be drawing a line in the sand.

Monday was an excessive but amazing amount of cheese at L'Albatros. Tuesday was a night off from wine and cheese. Wednesday was a little blogger meetup at Whole Foods where there wasn't any cheese but there was wine. And then there was a that little stop at Melt for cheese, carbs, and more beer (right, because that's exactly what I needed). Last night there was pizza and more beer and oh yeah, more beer at West Park Station. Tonight, I have family in town and guess where we are going? (Twice in one week might have been the sign that an intervention is necessary) Yep, L'Albatros.

There are still more left over holiday parties---the after holidays holiday get togethers. ugh. Seriosuly, after just thinking about how poorly I have treated my body this week (and the last 4 weeks), I want to go for a run and a swim and throw some rowing in there for good measure. And throw up. And do a cleanse/juice fast/cabbage soup diet. Too bad I went ahead and confirmed plans for a wine tasting next week.

Maybe I will pick up some willpower sometime in the next 48 hours but I don't think so. Maybe I can at least up the workouts a little bit more.


Carly said...

But cheese is so delicious... as are beer, wine, carbs, etc. I had fun seeing you the other night at WF. Next time we meet up I WON'T be on any kind of detox and can thoroughly enjoy all said items above!

Bite Buff said...