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I have wanted an Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair for a number of years. But with a price tag of over $679, that wasn't going to happen. Ever. Not for one chair...that wasn't the size of a couch and that was made out of plywood. I don't care how stylish it is. Even this girl draws the line somewhere.

But then the other day, Haute Look's Deal of the Day was a "Modern Classics Plywood Lounge Chair". And sorry, it was $99. In Walnut. So I bought it. Judge me because I bought a copy, a replica, a fake. Whatever.

Now if only I could find a good replica of this Nelson Platform Bench...

And thanks to Copy Cat Chic (who regularly features copy-cat looks from DWR-whose reach their design is within is beyond me) for the heads up on the chair---I never remember to check Haute Look.

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. said...

I also ordered the chair from HauteLook, having loved my dining version from the same company, Modern Classics.

However, upon receiving the chair, I noticed that it was of poor quality, from a retailer known only as Eastern Imports. I contacted Modern Classics and was told that HauteLook used their brand name, even linking to their website, despite the fact that the chairs were not from Modern Classics at all. (It smelled like formaldehyde and machine oil, as well).

Just wanted to let you know - so you could make an informed decision when receiving the chair. (Stumbled across your blog when looking for coverage of a HauteLook bait & switch).