Bacon. I can't even call it Sunday anymore

I spent most of my weekend with my bedroom looking like this.  It might have been all the Dexter I have been watching but I was kind of loving the wrapped in plastic look. 

But even with the all the activity around the house this weekend (electrician installing new lights, bedroom painting, breaks for dinners, installation of a garage door opener) and all the Dexter watching (I finished season 2 this afternoon) I wasn't too busy to buy Bacon a new collar for the new year.  
He's a lucky dog.  Or spoiled.  You say tomaydo, I say tomahhdo.


micaela said...

Is that a Dublin Dog collar? I just got Murphy the same one in a different color (the tan with green shamrocks), as well as the St. Frances of Assisi dog tag. Love it!

Suzanne said...

It is a Dublin Dog collar. I love it, I am not entirely sure if Bacon loves it.