Happy New Year's Eve!

Last NYE, I got sick: a terrible cold/flu/fever/chills/snot-extravagnaza. It should have been a sign that this year was going to be a little rough. But thankfully it's over. Sure there were some great parts but overall, I am not going to miss it.
Goodbye 2010: don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
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it's too early to be excited about this...

It's not even January yet but I am sick of being cold...already (it's going to be a long winter of me complaining about the cold if this keeps up). So the idea of 48 on Saturday is like a belated Christmas present for you.
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Santa is that you?

Things have been a bit crazy with the holidays and all. Add removing wall paper and working to that and you have a good time. (finally my new couch is in the house---it had to go through the middle window, after removing the window of course. But I now have a couch. And a bed. Life is good.) Friday night, Bacon was not wanting to sleep, at all. Between us, I think he was excited for Santa. I had to take him out at 3am. As soon as I got outside, half asleep, I heard scratching. I immediately thought: SANTA! (because it was Christmas eve and all and I was half asleep) And it would have been Santa if Santa was a giant raccoon climbing up my gutter to make his way on to the roof and assumingly down in to my chimney. I am sure the raccoon left some presents, I am just not sure where yet.
image from google. my raccoon was larger and this isn't my roof.


Sunday Bacon

I am finally getting back in to the swing of things after the move.  My house still isn't decorated for Christmas and it's not going to be.  The pink Christmas tree will wait until next year to make it's return/  But Bacon is getting in to the Christmas spirit with his ugly Christmas Sweater...you can't really see it but it has ornaments on it!  
This past week I celebrated my year anniversary with the little nugget.  
So much has changed in the last year...


just over a week to go until Christmas...

...and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Everyone's getting gift cards anyway...so that's one trip to Giant Eagle (because I suck. I will add it to my list) and I should be done. Good thing the new house is like 3 blocks from a Giant Eagle because god forbid I am forced to make any effort. I have found myself wandering around Lowe's shopping for things for the new house....unable to decide on anything and getting so overwhelmed I end up with yet another floor cleaner and something like a paint brush (but no paint). No joke I think I have at least 6 bottles of different floor cleaners that have been purchased within the last 2 months. Maybe everyone in my family should get a slightly used bottle floor cleaner. Merry Christmas!
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amazing! let's eat...

If you haven't already heard, Cleveland Foodie is raising money for a great cause...Veggie U. Donate $5 and you are entered to win an amazing prize. For each additional $5 donated, you get another entry...in other words, the more you donate, the better your chances are. Seriously, this prize is no joke!
To donate call 419.499.7500 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Don't forget to mention Cleveland Foodie when donating. (When I called to donate and mentioned Cleveland Foodie the woman on the phone said she figured and she wished me luck!!!)
I totally want to win this---who wouldn't?!

The prize is:
$100 gift card to The Greenhouse Tavern
$50 gift card to The Flying Fig
$50 gift card to Lola
$50 gift card and a night at the inn at Washington Place Bistro & Inn
$50 gift card to The Welschfield Inn
$50 gift card to 87 West 2
$50 gift card to Menu6
$50 gift card to Chinato
$50 gift card to Parallax
$50 gift card to L'Albatros (I would spend this $50 on cheese, no joke)
$50 gift card to Table 45
$50 gift card to Moxie
$50 gift card to Red
$50 gift card to Melt
$50 gift card to Fire
$50 gift card to Momocho (cucumber margaritas, I love you)
$50 gift card to Heinan's
$50 gift card to Blue Canyon
$200 gift card to Fahrenheit (HOLY CRAP $200...amazing)
$50 gift card to Michaelangelo's
$50 gift card to Umami
$50 gift card to Amp 150
$50 gift card to Dante
$50 gift card to Miles Farmer's Market
$50 gift card to Crop Bistro
$50 gift card to Jeni's Ice Creams
$50 gift card to Tartine
$50 gift card to Light Bistro
$50 gift card to Sum Place/Dim & Den Sum
$50 gift card to A Cookie and a Cupcake
$50 gift card to Western Reserve Wines
$50 gift card to Bodega
$50 gift card to Palate Restuarant
$50 gift card to Burntwood Tavern
$50 gift card to Deagan's Kitchen and Bar
$50 gift card to Middle East Grill
5 whole chickens/$50 value from Happy Chix Farms
2 tickets to your choice of an earth to table dinner at the Culinary Vegetable Institute.

For more info go over to Cleveland Foodie if you haven't already. Donate!
If I win, I will share the love and if you win, you can always take me with you.


Sunday funday makes for a rough Monday

These cups totally creep me out. Imagine drinking you coffee and then a little head is poking out at you. Not enjoyable, not enjoyable at all.
Speaking of not enjoyable---a snowy Monday morning after a fun Sunday. It started with FINALLY getting my internet. After hours and hours wasted calling and cursing out AT&T, I finally got a working internet connection. This might have been enough to make my day but then Heather and Bacon's buddy, Diddy, stopped over bearing treats. (totally delicious by the way) Bacon and Diddy ran around the house like two crazy puppies hopped up on crack. It wore Bacon out and for that I am grateful.
Next up was dinner at a new neighbors. (side note: there is a single gentleman that lives across the street that once one of my friends heard this they put a plan in motion to basically have me married to this guy in no time flat. This single man was also invited to dinner.) Dinner started with the neighbor bringing over a can of Four Loco! (the man is classy, what can I say. Maybe he's right for me afterall.) Then it was Black Chirstmas' (Guiness and Christmas Ale---very tasty) then Black Heinys (Guiness and Heineken---not very tasty) back to Black Christmas'. Yeah....this morning is rough, to say the least.


Hello Internet

I have missed you!!!!
I am working on getting caught up on everything.  No internet for 5 days really puts a damper on my blog reading...and blog writing.  Also there is internet shopping to be done. Hello happy homeowner.


moving sucks

Initially (and by initially I mean before the move) I was thinking about how moving is great and how it forces you to decide on what is important enough to pack and carry with you...literally. I started writing a post where I waxed poetic on moving. This was because I hadn't moved in over 7 years and forgot exactly what moving was really like.

Yes, moving is great---you throw stuff out and all that jazz but moving also SUCKS! It decides to snow the day the movers are coming so every inch of flooring is wet/covered in salt. Things break. Things get ruined. Things don't fit in the house---yeah I am talking to you entertainment center, box frame and couch. You don't have working cable. Or working internet. Your bed is on the floor until that new split queen box spring comes in. You don't eat good food choices. You don't drink enough water. You dog decides he's not so sure about the new house and pees on your bed---that just so happens to be on the floor.

But then again, I haven't heard anyone hawk a lougie (even with the windows closed) since Monday. And the new neighbors gave me a case of beer the day I got the keys. Their son also shoveled my drive-way--with an actual shovel yesterday. Maybe moving isn't so bad after all.
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Sunday Bacon

Sadly, no photo....not even an oldie but goodie. Why? Because my computer is packed and I am using my work laptop to keep myself from going crazy.
Bacon is spending the night at my mom's house for the official move tomorrow. This move has been stressing him out---peeing, peeing, peeing EVERYWHERE. (and it's been streessing me out too but I haven't been peeing on the fridge to express my anxiety.) And the new house must reek of her dog because Bacon has been sniffing every inch and trying to mark a few spots. This next few weeks are not going to be fun--basically re-potty training him all while trying to organize a new spot. But I love the new house and I will love it even more once my stuff is in it. (And yet even more once the new couch, rug, and assorted other things are in it.)
I figured out why I haven't moved in over 7 years. It's because moving SUCKS!