the beast

OK, OK. Even with the Facebook stalking knowledge, I still kind of love Peyton, I am just not in love with him. It's not you, Peyton. It's me.
But I saw this shirt last night---after a few glasses of wine and an amazing dinner and next thing I knew I was buying this shirt!

Washington Place Bistro and Inn

Yesterday was a big day--first I closed on my house and then I was invited to a preview dinner for the Washington Place Bistro and Inn.  (It may or may not be true that I moved up my closing in the day so that I could attend this dinner.  I was pretty excited about it!)  The restaurant and inn are located in the space the Baricelli used to operate in.  And I know it's in Little Italy but I am kind of excited it's not Italian food.  

The first course was actually a Roasted Beet an Goat Cheese Salad.  (forgot to photograph because I was too busy digging in)  The second course was a Oxtail Pierogie made with oxtail ragout, Ohio City Pasta truffled potato pierogie with caramelized onion and horseradish creme fraiche.  It was delicious!

The third course was Dayboat Scallops with a butternut squash risotto, pearl onions, apple cider buerre blanc and micro greens.  The scallop was cooked perfectly and the butternut squash rissoto perfect for the season.  This might have been my favorite dish.

Next up, Braised Pot Roast.  The dish included chef's garden carrots roasted garlic mashers and a big red reduction.  (I had the only white carrot at my table---and I had to turn the plate because every photo I took looked like it was porn, food porn but still) This too was delicious.  It was getting really hard to pick a favorite because each dish was unique and pretty amazing.

Because I haven't eaten enough at this point.  We finished the meat/protein portion of our evening with the Pan Seared Wild Pacific Salmon with cauliflower gratin and a few other things that unfortunately at this point I started to reach food nirvana and my brain could not retain anything more.  I am not a huge fan of salmon (or any fish for that matter) but this was also good.  I really liked the cauliflower. 

And dessert, oh dessert.  (This is the place where a really great meal can go really wrong for me.  I ate at a place that everyone seems to love that I only seem to tolerate and honestly after the last dessert I had there, I won't be going back anytime soon.  So yes, dessert is a pretty big deal to me)  This dessert did not disappoint.   It was a chocolate brownie with chocolate Jeni's ice cream.  You had me at Jeni's!  

The whole meal was amazing and even though I am a west sider who rarely crosses E4th for dining (with a few exceptions-Maxi's and L'Albatros are the main reasons I venture east), I can't wait to go back---I will be trying the Shrimp and Grits, the Mack and Cheese, and the PRESTI'S GLAZED DONUTE BREAD PUDDING!!!!!  Holy yum-tastic!  (And I had a little sample of the Maple Martini----Cabin fever maple whiskey, maple syrup and a splash of soda.  Those could get dangerous.)  

You can find out more info about the inn and their website.


Peyton, I kind of loved you...until I Facebook stalked you a little bit

Thank God Facebook wasn't around when I was younger---it might have ruined my childhood crush on Brian Sipe (I loved me some Cardiac Kids back when we had season tickets in the Dawg Pound.  Yes, my parents thought brining a 4-6 year old to the original Dawg Pound back in the early 80's was a good idea.)  Anyway if Facebook had existed, I might have learned that Brian Sipe liked to kick puppies or something and I would be over him faster than you could say "Get in Shape, Girl
So cut to my modern day Browns crush, Peyton Hillis.  I know I am not alone in this crush.  Those biceps, those eyes, that athletic ability....hold on, I might need a moment here.  So a little Facebook stalking later and I am looking at Peyton Hillis' likes (profile is private but the likes are visible).  I expected the hunting ones.  I expected to see some Arkansas ones.  I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised about the conservative ones.  But Payton, you are hurting my feelings with Sarah Palin.  And then I moved on to the movies----A Walk to Remember, My Sister's Keeper, Clueless, Made of Honor, Dear John?????  
I feel like I always do after a little Facebook stalking time....a little dirty and totally crushed.  
I wonder if Brian Sipe is on Facebook?


Sunday Bacon

 I woke up the other morning and found this was how Bacon had been sleeping--actually I find him sleeping on his back with his head on the pillow more than anything but I can't get a photo of it because he moves every time the camera turns on---and I also find it weird to keep the camera next to the bed trying to capture this but that's a whole different issue.

A few minutes later this was how I found him.  He has a rough life...


i don't play well with others

It's been a stressful couple of weeks between packing, getting loan documents ready, planning my move, working, etc. Add to all that fun the fact my grandmother had a pretty massive stroke 2 weeks ago and you have some serious fun. (G-ma has been moved to a skilled nursing facility and from the looks of it, won't be returning to her home even if she improves) Stress doesn't make me funny or witty...it amps up the catty and bitchy. Not a fun catty and bitchy either...it's actually more mean and sad. Because I don't have much nice to say, I have been TRYING to stay silent. yeah....that's not going so well for me. This time of year makes a lot of people stupid---
So...I am thankful this year is almost over. I am thankful that I have some close friends who put up with the catty and the bitchy. I am thankful I haven't ripped someone's head off today (but it's still early).
Happy Thanksgiving---a little early.
image found here.


Bacon better be glad I don't knit

Because if I did, I would probably torture him like this.....
image found here.


I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key

I would gladly take one of these along with my actual new set of house keys.  Along with an unlimited decorating and furniture budget.  Yep, that's all.  Oh and maybe a lawn boy who also does snow removal.  That's not too much to ask for is it?


let go some tacos...yeah

Do you watch Glee?  I haven't been as in to it this season as the first but I really liked last night's episode.  Gwyneth Paltrow was great on it and she has a great voice  (yeah I have her song with Huey Lewis from the movie Duets...what of it?!).  And even though I kind of want to feed her, I think she's beautiful.  


the countdown--2 weeks from today

(Welcome to my home)

(I know the first thing I am moving in to the house and exactly where it's going---not that I have been planning or thinking about it too much)

(there will be lots of wine/beer/cocktails to be had in the backyard.  And since it's completely fenced, Bacon will burn off some energy running around--THANK GOD!)

I close on this bad boy two weeks from today and I can't be more excited.  To try and contain my excitement a little, I have been stalking my new house  (My realtor said everyone does it, I believe her.)----random walks with Bacon past the house, random drive-bys on my way home from the gym, random drive-bys on my way to the gym.  FYI, this isn't working, it's actually having the opposite effect, I am more excited with every pass of the house. And actually this past week and the little gym I work out at (there are only 4-5 of us that work out at a time) I met one of my new neighbors to be--holy random, holy awesome.  Saturday on my stalking trip I stopped over and said hello to her....and she introduced me (and Bacon) to some neighbors.  A bunch of them are around my age and from what I hear like to hang out with the neighbors.  Also a good friend lives about a block and a half away.  I seriously cannot wait!


I have friends who are pretty big deals....

Have you seen this issue on the newsstands?!

Look inside and you will see one of my friends---how awesome is that?!  (that's she's in the magazine, not that she is one of my friends.  But that's pretty awesome too.)

Go Heather!

Sunday Bacon

Instead of our regularly scheduled programming of Bacon photos, I want to introduce you to Samalanti (sp?).  This little nugget of cuteness is my friend's new puppy.  Sam is a 10 week old French Bulldog. 
And soon to be Bacon's BFF.

The puppy smell, the puppy breath, the amount of sleep puppies of this age get....I am in love.


holy sh!t, a sale....and you say it's for charity?! I am in!

This past week I was one of the few lucky bloggers/ladies invited over to Michelle's (aka All Lacquered Up) house for The Annual ALU Cleveland Blogger Charity Sale.  A great group of ladies were in the house. There was was wine.  There was beer.  There were munchies. There were BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!!  (Also there was a little peak in to where the magic happens otherwise know as ALU's headquarters--I am so mad I forgot to check in on FourSquare.  And by sneak peak, I mean standing at the doorway to her office and drooling.)

After some chatting (which included me talking about swamp ass.  Yep, I am classy!) and some serious snacking and some drinking, we all headed downstairs to shop, shop, shop.  You can check out a few of the other ladies' loot on their blogs----Alana at The Dawg's Dish, Alexa at Cleveland's A Plum, Allison at Green Dog Wine, Heather at Mile 26 and More.  The other fabulous ladies in attendance were: Allison at Confessions of a Cohabitant, Charity at i heart CLEVELAND, Kelly at Sensory Overload, Michelle at Cleveland Foodie, Molly at Food N Such, Joceyln from twitter (@Legalesque) and a few more of Michelle's friends. 

All together the sale raised $1085.  And everything was a steal, so that proves we all bought a lot of stuff!  I couldn't believe how much product there was-I still can't.  And I heard a few "want to trade blogs" comments (OK, one of those comments might have come out of my mouth but I wasn't the only one).  Because really, who doesn't want makeup/skincare/haircare/nail polish/fragrance mailed to them on a regular basis?

It was a really great night for a great cause that I was excited to be a part of.  And, I am ready for next year!

Speaking of snacking---Heather seriously needs to post her recipe for her pumpkin butterscotch cookies. They were fluffy and delicious! 


does anyone remember Blueprint?

Does anyone remember Blueprint magazine?  I was sad to see it go a few years ago.  Their last issue had an awesome pink Christmas tree on the cover (which I now have one very similar to--only took me a couple of years to find).  I thought the magazine had great ideas---much like Domino.  I especially like the idea of blowing up these playing cards and framing them.  


the best time to buy...stuff

I need stuff for this new house of mine.  So far I bought a couch, because it's going to take 8-12 weeks to come in and my couch is looking pretty sad.  The new house doesn't deserve a sad couch.  I guess according to this, I should hold off on buying more furniture until January.  
Here is the larger version--aka easier to read.


totally random Tuesday

I came across this photo while perusing the internet.  Holy crap, these two were amazingly good looking in the era of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Maybe I should finally watch that movie...that and The Sound of Music.  (there are a lot of classic movies I have never seen. it's a shame but I will work on it.)


Voseges baking mixes

Voseges chocolates are pretty amazing. The Mo's Bacon Bar is one of the best things I have ever tasted. When I saw they came out with some baking mixes and there is a Mo's Bacon Pancake mix, I kinds of felt like I had died and gone to foodie heaven. If you want to know what to get me for Christmas, these are a good place to start.


Sunday Bacon

Bacon was ready for the game today in his Browns gear.  (the 3 games we've won, he's been wearing the jersey---the games we lost, he was not wearing his jersey--he will wear his jersey every week going forward, so you're welcome Cleveland)

About halfway through the game he was exhausted and had to take a nap.  It took a lot out of him to think about life with his future dad, Peyton Hillis.


you can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your neighbors garbage?

I love Lakewood.  Tuesday night I put out a whole bunch of stuff that has been taking up space in the basement.  Stuff that I no longer use, need, want, whatever.  I wasn't even done putting all the stuff on the tree lawn and my neighbor (yes, that neighbor.  He has no trouble yelling at me or calling the animal warden on Bacon or picking through my trash) was already digging through it.  I looked out the window as I headed to the front door and I was greeted by his backside all up in the air as he dug through the boxes complaining to his phone-a-friend I didn't have the speaker wire attached to the speakers-they were in the box below the box of speakers but I wasn't going to tell him that.  He should work a little bit harder for the garbage, no?  By the time I got back from voting, about 75% of the stuff has been picked up.  And an hour after that, it was all gone.  I guess it's good to know that I put out some good garbage because a few times I have put stuff out there sure it would be picked up and it sat and sat.  It hurt my feelings a little when even the garbage pickers didn't want my stuff.  

image from here


Sunday Bacon on a Wednesday?

My little Elvis.  
The glasses were a no-go even for just photos. I didn't have hands for glasses, treats, and camera but getting a photo of Bacon in the Elvis glasses is seriously is one of the things on my list of things to do before I turn 35 (it's a sad list, I will admit and one might argue a better hobby is in order)

If I keep posting photos randomly during the week, I really shouldn't call it Sunday Bacon.

Raise your glass

I kind of love this video.  The song isn't so bad either (I bet it would be pretty good on a running mix).  Pink always looks like she is having fun doing her videos---and her body is pretty amazing.


hey look, i'm over here

today I have a guest post/rant over at Bite Buff.
Go read it.
Nothing to see here.