Is it the weekend yet?

This photo has nothing to do with anything, I just like it. I love old pick-up trucks and I don't know what it is about them that makes me happy but they do. Happy is good. Today I am trying to be happy and I am failing....miserably.

I am super fussy today and I think I might be getting sick. Today would be the kind of day where I think working from home would be a really good thing. At home I wouldn't hear the guy one row over clearing his throat incessantly, the admin behind me yawning (another co-worker said she sounds like the dinosaur exhibit when she yawns-this might have been the highlight of my day) , and another person sucking up their snot among all the other noises in the office. The way this day is going, I might find myself putting decongestant on the one guy's desk, a cough drop on another, and something that is supposed to energize you from Bath and Body Works (thanks Tower City, that's all I have) on the admin's desk. God help me if someone starts clipping their fingernails at their desk today.

photo from Lonny.


an awesome dinner

I read about this dinner on Allison's blog.  And it sounded super tasty. So last last night I decided to give it a whirl.
I love a Big Mac even though about an hour after I eat one, I hate myself. So a "healthy Big Mac inspired dish" sounded perfect.  I didn't have the bread she was talking about but I did have a Pepperidge Farm dark wheat and that worked just fine also.  Seriously...love it.  And the Thousand Island dressing was the perfect topper.
I didn't take any photos of my own process of making it--I have been trying to take pictures of Bacon in the Elvis glasses and couldn't find the camera (of course it would be NEXT to the Elvis glasses which I didn't find until after I made dinner)....so I totally stole this photo from Allison.  Thanks Allison!  (I hope you don't mind but your dish was awesome)


anyone want to take an art class? taken an art class? know of an art class they recommend?

For the last few weeks I have had an itch to do something different:  something creative, something outside of my comfort zone (but not that far), out of my routine.  I have been thinking about taking an art class, or a pottery class, or some thing along those lines.  I am sure that the city of Lakewood offers some classes.  Or maybe a local art studio.  Or maybe I could audit an art history class or something like that.  I kind of get sick of being a banker from time to time.  And a creative home project isn't going to work since I really want to find a place to move soon--a place of my own where I can get creative and paint and decorate.  But until then, I am feeling the need to do something, something creative. 

Has anyone had an luck with adult art classes?  Any suggestions/recommendations?

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Sunday Bacon

And sometimes my dog looks like a cat.


this girl is now the proud owner of a SodaStream and I manage to mess up what should be a very easy thing

Day 1 with the SodaStream and I have managed to spill orange soda all over the place.  Then I over-carbonated some water and half the bottle sprayed out all over the kitchen---the walls, the counter, the floor, the toaster.  Let's hope day 2 is better.


Oh Lenny, Lenny, Lenny

I don't really care that you appear to be wearing a dress.  I don't care that you are wearing a purse.  I don't care that you appear to be wearing baggy leather pants.  I don't care that you are wearing navy blue with black.  I don't care that you have on wedge boots (and appear to be pigeon-toed).  I would still make out with you.  You are still #1 on my list of famous people I would have sex with.
Happy Friday!

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I don't know what it is, but I really want this leopard print velvet coat.  I mean who doesn't need a leopard print velvet coat?!  
The part that is almost more disturbing than my desire to purchase this coat is where it's from.  Talbots!  I am not sure if I turned in to a middle aged woman overnight or if Talbots just got a bit better.  Let's go with the idea that they have improved.



This little pig makes me smile.  
But his voice at the end creeps me out a little bit-it's a little too preteen boy compared to the high pitch squealing.

Medium Raw

There is a really great excerpt from Anthony Bourdain's newest book, Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook over the Ruhlman. I really like Anthony Bourdain and kind of have an odd kind of crush on him even though he kind of looks like my cousin (which really kind of takes the wind out of the sails on that crush). One reason, he writes like he talks or at least he writes like I have seen him talk on TV shows and how I imagine him to talk in real life. His language is peppered with profanity (pun intended. Two, he cooks. Three, he's kind of degenerate-he is a recovering addict, a drinker, a smoker. He's even got a few tattoos. Four, he cooks.
I am completely fascinated by the culture of a kitchen and while I love to eat, I have no desire to live the culture of working in a kitchen. Anthony Bourdain's books give me just enough of a peek in to that life for me. It's kind of a long excerpt but it's a good read-I have already added the book to my Wish List.
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Sunday Bacon

Bacon is 11 months old now.  Next month he turns 1.  
My baby is growing up. He doesn't look so puppy-ish anymore.


how much do you have to love pork to make this tattoo acceptable?

No, I didn't ask how much do you love TO pork...
But you are really commiting to your love of bacon (and all things pork) with this tattoo.
image from here.

let's do and say we didn't

Because it seems like all I have been doing is admiting the stupid/embarassing/cringe-worthy things I do (or that go on in my head), I figured I would continue the trend and admit that I really, really, really want to see this movie. Emma Stone was on Chelsea Lately earlier this week and Chelsea said the movie was really funny (and normally she doesn't say it's funny if it isn't-normally she says nothing). And even without an endorsement from Chelsea, I wanted to see it.
Anyone want to go see this with me...this weekend? We don't have to tell anyone.


some Wednesday TMI

My eating and food cravings have gotten a bit out of control. I can't. stop. eating. And the more carbs the better and then throw in a mini ice cream Drumstick and you're all set. I can't decide if it's stress eating between the possibility of a family of four moving in upstairs, my inability to find a house I want to buy, my crazy next door neighbor, my dog that seems to forget he is housebroken, work or something else all together (PMS?). This out of control eating has got to stop. So I decided to go back to what I know will make me stop eating and FAST, I went back to Alli-only one pill a day (I still have to go to work). I know it's bad, I know it's a cop out, I know, I know, I know I have no self control. But Alli works-and kind of for the reason you think it does, if you know anything about it. And if you don't, I will tell you in the nicest way possible, it makes you afraid to eat anything bad for you out of fear that you might poop your pants.

So today was a bunch of people's last day in the department so they brought in donuts and we had a cake. And did I mention the lack of self control?! So it's a couple of hours later and let's just say I think I need to go home.


another 5k...

Yesterday I ran another 5k.  It was part of my 10k training schedule, that I haven't really been keeping up with because of a wicked case of shin splints.  Yeah, those are fun.  So I took 2 weeks off of running to try and rest and recover.  I had been in pain a few weeks before I finally gave in and rested (just from the running-I have still been swimming and doing my normal workouts because I like carbs WAY TOO MUCH and stopping working out all together would be very bad).  So I had to walk a little bit during the race but that was mainly because I was overheated---because I wore long pants and a calf sleeve.  (At about mile 2, I was about to rip off my pants which would have been interesting as I would have been running nudey from the waist down with a calf sleeve on and no one needs to see that.) But the moral of this story isn't to tell you about my awesome running career which basically consists of me coming in last in my age group-ok that wasn't this race, it was the last one with the beers and no sleep and failed booty call the night before. The point of this rambling is to tell you that morning races lead to day drinking and coveting other people's running gear.  Coveting other people's running clothes and a buzz turns in to internet shopping. Which turns in to fun UPS packages-in 2-5 business days.

I am sure NewBalance is a fan of my day drinking after races.


Sunday Bacon

This week Bacon got a new bed....because, of course, he tore the stuffing out of his old one.  He doesn't like to sleep on the new one properly.  He like to flip it upside-down and sit on it the wrong way.  That's my man.  
And I may or may not have purchase a Halloween costume for Bacon this weekend....and it may or may not be an Elvis jumpsuit.


this fall weather is making me want to shop....

I have been on the hunt for a cross-body bag for fall: one, that's not too big, not too small, not too expensive. I'm am like the Goldilocks of purse shopping. I finally broke down and purchased this one from Fossil.
My friend Nikki didn't have the best of luck with her Fossil bag but my wallet has been great so I figured I would give Fossil a chance in the handbag department. I hope that in a few months I am not cursing myself for not listening to Nikki-like I did with my storing stuff in my bra.


do you believe in love at first sight?

Should falling in love with a house be that way too...instant?  Some (OK, many) people tell me they instantly knew when they found their house that it was their house.  I don't know if I can say that I believe that....maybe because I haven't had that feeling yet.  I don't know if I am the type of girl who falls in love at first sight. Normally with love, I find something that mildly irritates me and try to make it fit to my standards which usually fails but that's because it was kind of a dud to start with.  And that's led to a lot of mistakes....maybe it's best to give love at first sight a try this time (we will start with the house hunting and if it works, maybe we will try to apply it to dating).

Actuaaallllly, I am waiting for the day someone tells me what house I should buy and what man I should marry...I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting or that will be a pretty quick end to me.

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day-o, day-ay-ay-o

Daylight come and me wan' go home
Day, me say day, me say day, me say day
Me say day, me say day-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and me wan' go home

Glenn Shadix, best known for his role as Otho the interior decorator in Beetlejuice, passed away today after a fall at the age of 58.  

This was one of my favorite movies when it first came out.  It was creepy as all get out and I didn't (still don't) love creepy movies but I really liked this one for some reason.  I love them busting out in Harry Belafonte songs.


look ma, new shorts

While putting away some clothes and re-arranging the drawers so that fall clothes are more accessible (white pants to the bottom of the drawers, shorts to a lower drawer, long workout pants get more prime real estate in the dresser--I can't be the only one who does this), I found a pair of shorts I thought I had accidentally donated.  Shorts I loved and was kind of bummed I thought I had donated them.  I figured I had donated them in some sort of Hoarders watching cleaning spree...

Watching Hoarders in incredibly stressful for me.  I can't watch it when it comes on at 10pm because then I am up half the night cleaning out closets and what sweaters haven't I worn recently, who cares that it's been summer and over 90 degrees for a while, I haven't worn that sweater in 2 months---get rid of it NOW.  I mean RIGHT NOW.  It's a slippery slope and next thing you know, there are piles of boxes in your living room full of things you wore in the second grade and maybe even a dead cat or two...

Now you see how I could have thought I  lost a pair of shorts to a Hoarders cleaning spree....

Sunday Bacon

Look at my little Yoda.
After showing what a crazy cakes he can be, I wanted a photo to show what a little cuddler he can be.
I am in love with those ears.


do you know what happens when you go to dinner with bloggers?

This happens....
And this...
And this...

Cameras were only out for a second or two but the positions these ladies put themselves in for a good photo was too funny to let pass.  So I joined in an became yet another girl at the table with a camera out.
It's been too long since my last trip to Ty Fun.  I am glad these ladies (Heather of Mile 26 and More, Katrina of Bite Buff, and Allison of Green Dog Wine) wanted to go and check it out. 

I'm no fashionista...

The majority of my clothes come from Gap, Banana, and J.Crew so I am not an expert on the subject of fashion by no stretch of the imagination but really InStyle?!  Sweatpants! $108 sweatpants...with heels...and sequins.  The people of Wal-Mart will be so please to know that they are finally in style.

And yes, I did tear a page out of InStyle and take a photo of it on my dining room table.


Hello September

Dear summer,
It's not me, its you (at least this time it is). Normally I love you so. You mean lots of time spent at the pool, lots of cocktails spent on various patios across town, lots of porch beers, and fun with inappropriate men. Not this summer though. Nope. This year you came in (and went) with hospital visits and lots of money spent and time spent worrying. While there were some highlights (weddings, baby announcements, new friends), there was barely time for patio or porch drinking. The inappropriate men of the past now have psycho new loves who feel the need to contact you. Well thankfully, summer, you are almost over. I hope to not have a repeat of you again.
Welcome to fall!


fences make good neighbors

My neighbor kind of creeps me out. This is not news, this is a fact and has been a fact for almost as long as I have lived in my current place. Last night he took out my trash cans and recyclables from behind my house to the corner. While this might be a nice gesture to some, it kind of weirded me out. I wasn't home at the time, but the house was open-I was walking Bacon. Maybe the reason he took my trash out was because he doesn't like to use his city assigned trash can and usually puts his trash in either the neighbors on his other side or my trashcan and the neighbors' can was full and mine wasn't out yet. (I still can't figure out why he is so opposed to using his own trash can-add that to the list of why I think he's a nut job) He was still outside when I came home and I asked about him taking the trash out and he was told me he sometimes puts it away too (this also creeps me out a little, ok a lot). He then really snotty said "I was being neighborly, neighbor."

He has increasingly been in my business-especially since we both got dogs. At home, I like to keep to myself a bit. Heck, I just met the neighbors that live 3 doors down after living in my house for 7 years. Just last week I heard creepy neighbor dude and a neighbor girl playing with Bacon in my backyard when I was inside the house. Little girl said Bacon nipped her-well get out of my yard and he won't nip at you. I don't know if I am just being sensitive or this bothers me because I don't really like him but I don't like it...period.
But the question is....do I say something to him and risk pissing him off (the landlord does pay him to cut the grass once a week) or do I just suffer in silence and keep looking for that house to move in to ASAP??
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