J.Crew how I love you. Let me count the ways...

I love this sweater. I kind of need this sweater, no?


a little southern hospitality and Memphis' Rendezvous

I had to call the Rendezvous today to report my order was slightly damaged upon arrival. One of the bottles was cracked and therefore had leaked a little bit inside the box. I wiped off the other bottles but my bottle of mild didn't make it-I cried a little inside. So, I called, and they are taking care of it and sending me some more bottles (plural and some popcorn seasoning-hello!) to make up for my loss. And then the man asked about our trip, where we stayed, where we dined, etc. He could not have been any friendlier. I can't imagine having the same experience calling some place in the North or even the Midwest and having any one be as friendly as all the employees we encountered on our trip.
Seriously, if you find yourself in Memphis----take your happy ass down this alley and forget the ribs, get the brisket.


The fattest cat

He is one giant cat.  I take my camera with me when I house hunt because sometimes there is some great inspiration in a house.  And if I like the house, I want to have photos to remind myself of it's finer points.  This house will not be my house-there really weren't any highlights to this house....besides this GIANT CAT.  I put the garage door opener on the floor next to him to give you a little scale.   

do you ears hang low? Or maybe to your right?

So nothing unusual here.  Just a gold suit in a box.

OK, just another outfit...with a little something happening on (our) left side.

Um, maybe it's just the mannequin that's making the fabric lay funny? But it's this like the 3rd or 4th mannequin that make it look like that.

Wait a second, upon closer inspection...hmm, maybe I just have a dirty mind.

Maybe it was all in my head....(insert dirty joke about heads here)

Nope, I am pretty sure it wasn't all in my head.  I am seriously sensing a theme here.

Yep, I definitely see a theme here.  

I don't know if the fabric was stretched out in the area or if someone at Graceland has a sense of humor but I was not the only one of the group to notice this little theme, I was just the only one to take photos. I have the mind of a 12 year old boy.


There is so much I need to be doing...

...but I really want to just go to bed instead.  This past week was busy and packed full of fun and I am exhausted.  There was recovering from Memphis, house shopping (feeling a bit discouraged at the moment), visiting with mom (at the nursing home finally-made it longer than 3 days without having a set back but still not going to blog much more than that.  I swear I jinx it every time), blogger dinner at Amp 150 (conversation was great, still thinking about how I felt about the meal), Justine's bachelorette party (very fun-but I put away my camera for the night), more visits with mom, an Outcast BBQ, and some dinners and drinks with friends. This is another short work week for me as I am heading to New York for 4th of July weekend to attend the wedding of one of my good friend's.  Also, it's going to be Bacon's first road trip. 

I have one more Memphis post to come but it's going to have to wait just a little bit longer...here's a little teaser: it's about a crotch (and not my crotch).


Pet Camper aka Bacon needs this Camper

I kind of think this "Pet Camper" is awesome. The price is available upon request which as we all know means "if you have to ask, you can't afford it."

I just think Bacon would look pretty darn cute lounging in it. But who are we kidding, that pup sleeps with me at night and during the day I can't see him so I don't really care how cute he looks, he's still in a puppy prison. That's not saying if someone wanted to donate/gift/give me one for the hell of it, that I would pass on it. They can also hook me up with a Driod while they are at it because I am still hating my Storm and the fact I have to pop the battery out three times a day now. Just sayin'


it's good to have goals

I was doing so well for a while, consistently losing weight. And then I hit the wall. I have since lost and regained the same 5 pounds more times than is appropriate in the last few months. And then I heard about the Steve Ward or the Line Diet and decided this might be just what I need to break through the weight loss wall. I am a much more visual person (if you didn't get that) so I thought to actually see progress-in either direction might be good for me. I just started yesterday so this photo isn't my progress or even my weight but you get the idea. This mornings wasn't such a good 2nd day-maybe a blackberry mojito too many last night or maybe it was the lemoncello cupcake.
I have decided to be smart and reasonable about my progress-the goal is 2 pounds a week. So in 10 weeks, hopefully I will have lost 20 pounds. (also my 10k training starts soon so hopefully that in addition to just paying closer attention will help me get going in the right direction again)
I guess we shall see.

Did you know....

What does this say about me in that I started thinking about certain guys' thumbs and whether or not I thought that theory held true?
image from here.


Elvis lives and the Rendezvous

I still have Memphis on the brain a little bit today. I haven't even processed all my photos from Graceland and the weird little thing I noticed (more to come on that, I promise). This morning I woke up craving the BBQ from the Rendezvous. The brisket was amazing and I still have phantom tastes of it. So what did I do? Yep, I went online and bought some of their BBQ sauce and seasoning. And since I was still thinking about Memphis, I was thinking about the shirt I didn't buy at Graceland. So of course I headed to their official site to see if I could find the shirt...I couldn't. But I did find this treasure-and it's kind of similar in that they both had shiny gold glasses.


the adventures of the Elvis glasses

I am back from Memphis.  Back to work.  Back to reality. Back to a place where I don't spend 3/4 of the day laughing.  Mom is still in the hospital. Work is still not fun.  Bacon still bites my feet (but he is a bit better-I think the time away made him appreciate how spoiled he is).  But Memphis was a whole different story.  I won't share all 200+ photos from Graceland but I will share some of the photos of the best $12 I have ever spent. On Elvis glasses.  On Elvis glasses with built in sideburns.

These glasses were the most awful, hideously tacky things ever.  But Elvis glasses and Sparks are quite the combo.

What surprised me the most about these glasses were the people who were willing to put them on and take a photo with us. Random strangers were more than happy to join in on the tacky. This guy even give them the thumbs up.

Our rental car wanted in on the action.

The glasses travelled to Arkansas.  We decided against sparklers (or any fireworks for that matter) for fear our synthetic sideburns would catch on fire.

Waiters loved them. Or at least they humored us hoping we would tip well.  Too bad one waiter was given my phone number (not by me, but one of my friends put it on my receipt) in addition to the tip.  We didn't torture him any further by making him wear the glasses.

This bride even said she "Can't Help Falling in Love" with the Elvis glasses. 

But my favorite picture is this one.  The one where one of Memphis' finest dons the shades and a bit of an attitude to take a photo with us.  Yes, that's a beer, in the middle of a street.  I loved Memphis.


Suzanne, your addiction has affected my in the following ways...

I drink a lot of coffee, I'll admit it. But you know it's really a problem (maybe not Intervention worthy) when the valet guy says "Can I ask you a personal question? How much coffee DO you drink?" That day there were 4 empty coffee cups/mugs and one water bottle he mistook for a coffee thermos rolling around in the front seat of the car. Then again the other night, the same valet guy remembered me and asked the valet driving my car how many empty mugs were in my car that day. Maybe it's time to try and cut back....


Sunday Bacon...on Friday

Today Bacon turns 8 months old.  Which I think is the puppy equivalent of the terrible twos for sure. 
I am missing him while I am in Memphis.  Just look at that face...

going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis TN

Today Graceland is on our agenda. That and some BBQ and drinks.

photo from here.


walkin' in Memphis

and do you really feel the way I feel?
I am soooooo excited for a girls trip this weekend with a couple of friends from high school that I am jumping out of my skin. I need some time away, some time to relax, some time to not do much at all.
Bacon is headed to the kennel for the weekend-this is going to be my first time away from him since I got him about 6 months ago. I don't know how I am going to feel about that but I think I will survive. And I might actually get more than one night of good sleeping in. I love my Bacon but his sleeping schedule sucks ass. I don't get why he has to poop in the middle of the night...almost every night. (Maybe I will have a no food after 7:30 rule for him starting when I get back and see how that works)
Also, Mom is also still in the hospital so I am going to try and relax about that but I am sure I will worry a little bit (OK a lot but I will try and have some fun. My mom wants me to go and have fun. So the good daughterly thing to do would be to listen to her, right?) She is headed to aftercare/nursing home for a little bit after the hospital to continue her recovery but no firm word on when she is leaving the hospital but I will say they are finally starting to talk about her actually leaving and not in the distant future. (I better not have jinxed it)

Hot in Cleveland

Last night I watched the premiere of Hot in Cleveland on TV Land.  For the most part I liked it-except that crappy married guy part but hey, that's Cleveland. But it made me think, these "older" women from CA come to Cleveland and feel hot.  But where to Clevelanders go to feel hot....Toledo!


I have plans for 10.10.10

I already know that I am going to be doing on 10.10.10 and I know it's way early but I registered for my first 10k this morning. My training schedule hasn't even started yet (July 19th is the first official day of training-12 weeks out from the race) but I have committed-mentally at least. A couple of friends are running the half again this year and instead of being just a spectator, I decided this would be the perfect race for my first 10k.
So on 10.10.10 I will be running 10, k that is.


House hunting---day 1

The first day out was a bust. I wasn't surprised though...I was just hoping I would be proven wrong in not expecting too much. The first house we saw was OK. Mostly overpriced but nothing terrible. The second house had so much crap in it I couldn't tell what the house would actually look like.

And the third house....
I would only consider it if this couch (located on the third floor that smelled like my grandmother's house and not in a good way) was included. Somewhere Blanche and the rest of the Golden Girls are looking for somewhere to sit.

This wood siding is lovely. Too bad it's located INSIDE the house.
And who couldn't pass up a bathroom floor that looks like a Scrabble board?
So the hunt continues...


Sunday Bacon

I filled up the baby pool today. Bacon wasn't really sure how he felt about it.
I on the other hand almost sat in it to try and cool off.

Mom is still in the hospital with no release date set. There are more tests scheduled for tomorrow to try and figure out what the current issue is. There have been small improvements that I am afraid to discuss for fear that she will have a set back the minute I put the post up. It's been a rough couple of weeks. And if you want to send good thoughts, prayers, whatever the case may be...is it wrong to ask that you focus them on bowel sounds and less output from the ng?


Studio Secrets Profession Magic Perfecting Base

Has anyone tried this product: Magic Perfecting Base??? Anyone?
I am a sucker for product and I need a base for under eyeshadow or else by 5pm no one will know I even bothered to put on eye makeup because it will literally slide right off my face. I saw some reviews on the website but I was looking for something else...something more personal.

coffee cups

I don't even have a house yet. I haven't even seen one that I liked. I mean other than the one I fell in love with online but sold in like 3 days-so I guess some other people fell in love with it too. But everywhere I look, I am finding things I would love to put in my future house to me. If I hit the lottery, I would love to have these prints/drawings but Susan Jane Belton in the kitchen. But since I haven't hit the lottery or found a house to live in, I will just dream about the decorating to be done.


modern house numbers-want, need, have to have

Is it wrong that I want to buy a house so I can have fantastic modern house numbers? (OK, not just so I can have modern house numbers but it's a fun part of the whole process) Tomorrow starts the actual house hunting process. I am already nervous for this...maybe that's why I have put it off for so long.


OK, seriously God, this isn't funny anymore

No fun pictures today.  I think I am going to need to stop posting about how good my mom is doing because within hours she will need to go to the hospital again.  Yesterday it was the ER with a migraine headache that she couldn't get rid of just hours after I posted that she was doing well.  Today she took a cab, a fucking cab, to the hospital because 1. she didn't want a call an ambulance because it would take her to the closest hospital and she wanted to go to the Clinic's main campus and that's not the closest hospital and 2. because she didn't want to call me and have me take her because she didn't want me to miss any more work.  My mother took a cab to the hospital.  Do you know sad this makes me?! Do you know what kind of people take a cab to the hospital?! Do you know how upset I was when I found this out?! Let's just say that work was pretty much out of the question.
So she is getting admitted again and we're looking a few more days to a week of hospital time and this time I swear she is going to aftercare and not right home-home before she is ready.

Today, one of my friend's sent me a text to say she lit a candle at the Cathedral for my mom and my mom loved it and said it worked instantly because it was not 2 minutes later that the doctors came in and put an NG tube in (basically to pump her stomach) and she felt relief. Another one of my friends checks in every day partly for my mom but mostly to see how I am doing. (The answer to this is HOT MESS, thank you for asking)  These are just a couple of examples of how great some of my friends have been.  Some of my family and some of my other "friends"....well, let's just say my Christmas list got a lot shorter. 


Sunday Bacon

This week was a little bit better than the last one....we were a tad bit more on schedule. This coming week should be even better (fingers and toes crossed) because MOM IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL AND RESTING AT HOME-or at least she better be resting and drinking her fluids and all the things the doctors ordered. She was in ICU on Wednesday night and a good portion of Thursday and then she was released on Friday-the roller coaster of emotions was enough for me to want to crawl in bed and put the blanket over my head and sleep for weeks. But hopefully that's all over now. She just has one more surgery planned for next month and then we should be all done.

Back to the Bacon, Bacon has started this new thing where he barks at me every time I am not paying attention to him. I have tried to ignore him but I have neighbors and I am sure they don't want to suffer through this stage. Any puppy training advice on this? Oh and any advice on the stopping him from nipping at my stank ass feet would be good too.


the BP oil disaster put a little closer to home

This is the size of the oil disaster if it was to take place in Cleveland. Can you believe how large the area affected is??? Holy Toledo.

If you are not from Cleveland and want to visualize how the disaster would look in your area, go here.


Golden Girls - Stay Gold

Maybe this tattoo will be come more popular after today's sad news. Or maybe people will hold out until Betty White passes and there are no surviving members of one of the greatest shows. How much do you have to love the Golden Girls to tattoo their faces on your thighs?
found here.

thank you for being a friend....


National Learn to Row Day--this Saturday 6.5.10

Cleveland Rowing Foundation is participating in the national learn to row day this Saturday (6.5.10) The boathouse is on Carter Road in the Flats. The program is free but does require you to pre-register. You can go HERE to find out more info and register.

This is my absolute favorite way to see Cleveland--sometimes the smell isn't all that great but you get a view of the city that you can't get from anywhere else. There are days when I miss rowing a lot (and the Dirty Oars-my old rowing team) but then I see the teams carrying to boat to the water and I don't miss that part of it.


droid-eris (or driod incredible), I need one. And blackberry storm, you suck!

I would gladly love to bring either one of these (droid eris or droid incredible) home....without having to pay $500+ or selling my soul to Verizon (any more than I already have). You see, I have a Balckberry Storm and it SUCKS!!! I hate it. If you have had one, you probably feel my pain. I don't think I have ever hated a phone so much in all the years I have had cell phones. The Storm has me searching the web for new phones on the cheap feeling like I am dirty. I hate that the touch screen sticks and apps freeze and I am constantly popping out the battery to restart it. I have called Verizon, I have begged and pleaded (and maybe cried once-whatever, I am sure everyone's done it) for the ability to get a different phone--right, I might have better luck trying to get BP to clean up that oil spill right quick.
I thought I heard Verizon was having a buy one get one on the Eris....anyone getting an Eris that doesn't need the second one? Or anyone want to give me an Incredible to try out? Anyone? Anyone? Can you hear me now?

my night on w25th-and no I wasn't working it as the title suggests

This past Saturday I took some time off from hospital duty to celebrate the small improvements in my mom's condition. The removal of her ng tube and the addition of liquids to her diet that didn't come from an IV only were all the reason I needed to celebrate. Plus it was a holiday weekend and some cocktails were needed. So off to my favorite part of town to make bad decisions...and to my friend's no worries, I was not one street over making those kind of bad decisions.
First stop, Bar Cento. We were seated over the grate....like the ones in the sidewalks that I don't even like to walk over let alone sit and eat dinner over. But it was the only open spot on the patio. The things we do for patio seating.
While sitting on the patio we witnessed a gang on mopeds. Not scooters, mopeds. Yep, no photos of that awesomeness. We also saw a girl plow in to the stopped car in front of her. Then pretty much drive off because she had "dinner reservations". Because I wasn't quick with the camera, I only got a photo of the Bar Cento employees performing their second job of street sweepers. It was only my first beer so the photographic evidence of the evening only gets worse from here.
Finally the cops show up about the accident. Notice it was light out right after accident...dark now. My favorite was the girl in the white skirt that is just right of center in this fine photograph. She wasn't in the car or near the car or even in Ohio City at the time of the accident yet the way she gave the cops attitude you would have thought it was her car. The "brand fucking new car" she screamed-the crackheads were impressed.

Next stop, Dragonfly. And more fine photography...just beyond this concoction, Zack Reid.
Off the wagon, alert Action 19 news.
This might have been my favorite people watching place of the evening between Zack and the "older" (and I mean older than me, not old like me) woman playing the bar like it was bongos after getting shot down by Zach Reed and the 21 year old she had been kissing on before Mr Reed walked in the bar.
Next stop, the ABC tavern. Yes, Alexa, hell has frozen over. I managed to get over myself and make my way in to the ABC for the "first" time in YEARS. I should say second time because I was there not that long ago for a "surprise party"where the guest of honor and organizer decided to "no-show" their own party but I am not counting that trip. So first time it is!
I have decided I love hush puppies. I am over frittes. Frittes=pretentious. Hush puppies= awesome! (If you follow my twitter, I made the announcement that hish puppies should be the new hipster food. I may of had a cocktail or two at that point)
Last stop, Garage. Mainly because they were playing Fugazi and because I wanted the crunked badge on FourSquare. (There was also another accident we happened upon where a car drove in to a building on 25th but no photos of that either-maybe I should stick to finding photos of stuff on the internet)
And that's the weekend of a single lady who has about a hundred photos of her puppy in her camera.