my first poppy of the season

Poppies and tulips are my favorites. My luck with planting tulips hasn't been great because chipmunks love the bulbs and chipmunks love to play at my house and they move the tulips around. I have had much better luck with the poppy. The first year, I only got one flower. This year, there are at least 10 buds. This is just the first to open. Now when can I start making the heroin? I kid, I kid.


Sunday Bacon

My ferocious pup.
We spent some quality time in the yard this weekend. Trying to enjoy some of the beautiful weather. (as well trying to make up for the lack of a good schedule and the lack of some serious puppy parenting-sorry Bacon, Mom comes first but you are second, I swear) What I need to remember now that the weather is getting nice is that I don't need to get an entire summer's tan in one weekend. Sunscreen=good. Flipping in your chair, not holding a book in the same position, and looking up = good. These things also may prevent weird tan lines.


I fell in to a burning ring of...bacon

a bacon ring...love.

found here.

my purse weighs more than a baby

The other day one of my twitter friends (@lzone-follow her, she's hysterical and her sports tweets are the best) tweeted about the size of her purse--My purse really is as big as some people's carry-on luggage, fyi. No wonder my arm goes numb when I carry it! It was the same day that I put my purse on the passenger seat of the car and the light turned on indicating that there was a small person in the front seat and that the air bag was turned off.
I think it might be time to clean out the purse. Or should I get it it's own booster seat?


and because we really need to lighten the mood around here

I present to you, Liza at the Sex and the City 2 premiere.
When I saw this I was on a conference call (some people call it not paying attention, I call it multitasking) and I started to giggle. The visible ankle socks get me every time...

I spoke too soon

So yesterday I posted on how mom was doing....that post was at 1:37 yesterday. At 2:30 I received a call from mom that said they are taking her in for another surgery right away-which kinds of means, in a few hours but today for sure.
Pack up, leave work, drive to Clinic, get lost (how long have I lived in Cleveland? and could the Clinic's main campus be about the same size as downtown Cleveland and yet I still manage to get lost and end up in Hough?) meet Kari on the rooftop of her garage to give her my keys so she could give Bacon some love, and then basically run to my mom's room to wait. Wait for surgery, wait for news, wait to see her.
Surgeon says she will be fine. She has a temporary colostomy bag (yum yum) to give her insides a time to rest and heal. She has a drain for the infection. And some sort of tube for more drainage (I am a banker not a doctor--if that wasn't obvious). No word on when she will will be able to leave hospital so it's back to the hospital for visits.
Yesterday was also a day where I kind of laid the smack down to my family--all of whom are kind of sucking right now. I feel a bit better and maybe they will even get their asses in gear and visit her.
Today is her birthday, her 59th birthday. And this is how she gets to spend it. But at least she will be with family.


another mom update

There have been some complications and lots of pain. And I may or may not have had a mental breakdown yesterday night (and this morning at work at my desk-awesome sauce). But some good news came in today--the results of the biopsy came back-NEGATIVE! So it's not cancer just a wicked infection. There are some other complications but they are working on getting those under control and it really sounds like there is a good course of action. She is still in the hospital with no release date...yet. But we're getting closer.
Thanks to everyone for their good thoughts and prayers. We're not done yet, but I do believe they are working.


Sex and the City 2

Even though it's been a few years and the hype of the show has long since past, I am still excited about the new movie.
And wow, Aiden looks pretty darn good.

Side note: SJP's hair has only gotten better. Or the hairdressers for the movie have gotten better- I was recently rewatching some of the early episodes and she needed a good deep conditioning in those early seasons. I have a hard time believing she actually uses Garnier hair color but that wave/curl is making me a bit jealous.


we might be shooting ourselves in the foot

Last week, we did something while at the Cleveland Clinic that might made the head of the Cleveland Clinic need his own services....we ate a Big Mac and some full sugar soda while dining at the hospital (granted it was terrible but in that moment we wanted no decision making skills to be needed and we wanted something that we knew what it was going to taste like even if it wasn't that good).



So my mom did not get out of the hospital today as originally planned.  I don't even know if it's going to be tomorrow either.  Today she went back on IV and a liquid diet.  She had a very bad day.  There was one small positive but I will spare you all the details.  This really sucks....

photo from here.  

Sunday Bacon

This has been a rough week for poor little Bacon. We have been a bit off schedule and he's been a bit more puppyish than normal. (so photos like the one above make me remember how awesome he is when he is a sleepy pup) Next week, back on track.

Meet Drake. I saw his in my mom's neighborhood yesterday and basically stopped the car in the middle of the street to ask his owner about him. Drake is part Boston Terrier, part Frenchie and the same age as Bacon. (I have met a lot of seven/eight month old pups lately--must have been something in the air in the late summer) Drake's mommy said he's a bit of a terror but look at him, you have to just love him-I think seven/eight months must be like the terrible two for dogs.


mom update

I take a break from blogging for a couple days for a legitimate reason and my first post is about BP? Seriously?
I was kind of waiting for my mom to get out of the hospital but it's looking like tomorrow and I already posted about BP so I should probably comment about the past few days.
Tuesday my mom went to the doctor because she had been having some cramping/pain in her abdomen. The doctor sent her to main campus for a special CAT scan. Tuesday night he called her and told her she would be having surgery on Wednesday. Wednesday came and surgery was a bit more involved than the appendectomy that was the original plan. They had to remove part of her colon and part of her small intestine as well as the appendix because of the infection. The surgeon said it looked bad, it looked like cancer. (You really don't want to hear the C word---ever) So he treated it like cancer and removed the mass (the size of a softball from my little 122 pound mother). He said the CAT scan looked bad but when they got in there, it looked worse. They couldn't believe she wasn't having more pain. That's my mom for you, one tough (stubborn) cookie.
The initial tests came back that it didn't appear to be cancer but they are slicing the mass in to 100 sections and checking all of those to make sure it isn't cancer. We won't know the results for a few more days. Meanwhile she's been at the Clinic since Wednesday and possibly getting out tomorrow--that's a longer hospital stay then what her husband spent after he had OPEN HEART SURGERY. (Which taking him to the hospital and maneuvering him through the hospital is a whole different story-one that makes me sad and angry and will probably never be posted here.)
Yesterday my mom was starting to sound like herself again. She was commenting on my hair, my clothes, how I looked tired, etc. She she was fussing again. When we would her we would stay until six she told us we didn't need to visit with her so long, she's not a baby.
Yep, she's feeling a bit more like herself.

image found here.

Thank you, BP cake

I am trying to boycot BP because of this terrible event. I won't get all political but it sucks. And as a result, the Dawn commercial with the ducks is being played like mad-not that I don't love to hear Joe Purdy, I just don't love to see oil coated ducks.
found here.



The best photobombs by goats.

found here.

I post it so therefore it's so

After this past weekend's half marathon and my comment about it possibly being the last year I was a spectator for the Cleveland Marathon (and half marathon because who are we kidding, I am not going from first 5k to full marathon in 2 years. Not going to happen!) I have decided to train for a 10k. I am going to train for the Towpath 10k in October. (just in time for my 34th birthday) I know this is many months away but I am putting it out there now.
And because I put it on the internet that means I have to do it.

image from here.


speaking of sucker

First it was Oprah, now it's Starbucks.
I bought the Italian Roast coffee because there was a scooter on the packaging. And I love a scooter. I secretly dream of cruising around Cleveland on a scooter with a basket in the back for Bacon. I chose a basket because a side-car would just be too much. I do realize I would make a terrible hipster so this dream is not going to become reality so instead I buy coffee with a scooter on it.

what I'm reading

I picked this up on Saturday and have been laughing since. I didn't love her last book, Pretty in Plaid, but I have loved the other ones (Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, Such a Pretty Fat) so I picked it up. Plus, her website has been cracking me up lately. I am not sure if we can be friends if you don't like her...

I picked this up a while ago because I heard it was good. I felt like I should read something other than Twilight and Jen Lancaster books. Expand my horizons as they say. Yep, I totally picked the trash, I mean guilty pleasure, over serious. I was maybe ten pages in when My Fair Lazy won out.

And this I picked up because apparently I am buying what Oprah is selling. She had the author on last Thursday's show and I admit I was intrigued. Not intrigued enough to pick it over the first book but the thought is there. I figured we can all use a little self help every now and again. (She had the cast of Eclipse/Twilight on last week too. When did I become a soldier in Oprah's army?)


Cleveland Marathon-spectator style

Yesterday I work up crazy early to get downtown to cheer for my running friends -as well as other runners. Note to runners--put your name on your shirt, I will be 100% more likely to cheer for you if I know your name.

First stop was right by St. Ignatius (or around mile 5.5). I love to stand by the band and watch the runners get lifted up by the music or do a little dance in the street. Running is supposed to be fun, right?

(some of the fast people)

Second stop-The Shoreway. From my running friends, this is their least favorite part of the race. They're around mile 10, they need some fan love and there are no super fun fan spots and they have been running uphill for about 2 miles at this point. Yesterday, it seems that the lake stunk so just as they were sucking wind, they were sucking poopy wind.

I love the people watching-the outfit choices, the shoe shirt combinations, the whole thing.
Every year I have gone down to cheer, I have been inspired by all these people-fast and slow. This year though kind of made me want to say this was my last year as a spectator. It must be the runner's high.

Sunday Bacon...on Monday

And it's not even Bacon.  This is Leroy and I met him on my 5k walk on Saturday.  He's a 7 month old French Bulldog-same age as Bacon.  And if I was crazy, Bacon would have a little brother like this guy.  But I am not crazy (or rich because those Frenchies don't come cheap) so I will have to live with just this one photo.  


Made in the 216 time again!

Less than a month away--- June 11th and 12th!!!

I love this event (my wallet isn't as big of a fan of it to be honest). I always find way more that I want to buy then I should. This year's event is shaping up to be bigger and better than the past-my wallet is already cowering in the corner. My favorite part of this event is Danielle's dedication to the event being as local as possible. Duh, it's named "Made in the 216"!

Check the website for more information.


not 100% sure you want to encourage this unless you are a crazy man hater

While perusing Amazon I stumbled upon this little gem of a dog toy. Not sure that you want a dog to be encouraged to chew on something shaped like this as it could be very dangerous for the man of the house.

spring has sprung

Spring is a time for new beginnings, new adventures, and dead things on the running trails.


Go Cavs

My mom loves Jeff Tanchak. She thinks he's hysterical and by hysterical she means the perfect man for me. My friends/co-workers/anyone that will listen knows about my mother's desire for me to marry Jeff Tanchak and live happily ever after. So you can imagine her sadness about learning he was marrying someone else a couple of years back. My friends now refer to him as "Jeff Pancake aka the one that got away". (if you are slow, or not from Cleveland, the pancake part come from the fact his name kind of sounds like pancake when pronounced).

Mr Pancake is staying in a tent/RV outside of the Q during the playoffs. He's staking out his spot for the NBA Championship parade-I guess he believes that we may actually win a Championship-holding out hope.

Yesterday I saw the tent/RV/valuable parking spaces taken up by this yahoo and wondered what was up. You see I don't have the same love for Pancake that my mother does and don't watch the station he appears on so I had no idea what was going on. I guess him and the dog are sleeping outside the Q and his wife only makes an appearance every few days (or so my mom tells me). So my mom says "Maybe there is trouble in paradise and (I) might have a shot."

Like the rest of Cleveland, she's not giving up hope.


Last night I finally made it Chinato. I say finally even though it has only been open a few months but I pass by it quite often (at least once or twice a week)but just haven't made it inside. Also, I've had plans to go a number of times only for plans to fall through at last minute. But last night I finally made it in.
The night was not without some oddities...
First, the host was someone I went to grade school with. Someone I have seen in Cleveland Magazine and while shopping at Banana Republic-he works there. This guy seems to be everywhere. I even saw him at my Target this past weekend.
Then the chef sat down in our booth (didn't just stop at the table but actually sat in the booth)during dessert to ask how we were enjoying everything. He asked us to list everything that we had tried and then he told us we had eaten a lot of food (and mentioned that none of it was particularly healthy) and then he asked us if we were high. Huh? OK whatever. He was funny and nice-a bit different than I had expected though.
The thing I enjoy about Zack Bruell's restaurants is that they are all very different from each other but still very good. (And I only missed the cheese guy from L'Albatros a little) Bruell does a lot of things well and this was not an exception.
Our selections:
Salumi plate
my salad: fennel, orange, olive and tomato salad with ricotta
Jess' salad: arugula with julienne of pumpkin, roasted turnups, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette
my entree: col buco with slow roasted pork shoulder, tomato and white wine
Jess' entree: seafood cannelloni
my dessert: lemon polenta cake (with lemon gelato)
Jess' dessert: tiramisu

image found here.

f-yeah puppies

Have you seen this site? If not, you need too. And if you look around, you might just see someone you recognize.


Sunday Bacon

Here he is with his treat from my mother.  Why is he looking like he just got caught doing something he shouldn't?  And can we talk about those ears for a second? 
The ears being flipped are a sign of teething...still teething, more teething, holy teething.  Is he ever going to stop teething?  I would like ALL of my digits not to have puppy teeth marks.  Can that be your Mother's Day gift to me, Bacon?


you can't put lipstick on a pig

Dear Kotex,
I don't care how you dress up tampons and pads, they are never going to be cool/hip/fashionable. Pads are always going to feel a bit like diapers. Tampons are never going to be something I actually want to have to purchase. Unless of course I am worried that I might be pregnant and then I am happy to need tampons but I don't care what package they come in. I am too busy doing the happy dance to care.


I spend my internet time wisely

While searching for a Cavs jersey for Bacon (yeah, I am kind of disgusted in myself too...), I stumbled on a website that has all kinds of clothes for dogs. Many of the clothes could be considered pet abuse and should be punishable by law.

Here are a few of my favorites:
Perfect for all Fourth of July parites and any white trash moment you wish.

"Bitch Magnet"

seriously, how adorable is this?!

For your bathing beauty?

Hang ten.


not even close to being OK

from here.

hey drunk guy next door, this is how I feel about you

I have ranted about my next door neighbor before and as the weather seems to be getting better, he seems to be all up in my business. Yesterday he told me that he heard Bacon barking during the day and this is really going to be a problem when (and if) neighbors move in upstairs. Really?! Through multiple rooms, closed doors and windows, you heard a 12 pound dog barking? Have another beer and get back to me. And why does he care about the potential neighbors who don't even exist yet? And he's not my landlord and the upstairs isn't even for rent yet. Maybe he should stop hanging out in my backyard-right outside my bedroom window when I am home (granted it's because his dog runs in to my backyard to pee and he's coming to collect his dog. It's still 10 feet from where I get naked). Maybe he shouldn't be in my driveway on the other side of his house worrying about my trashcans. He needs to go back in to his kitchen and hawk up some lougies while I am trying to eat my breakfast and shut the hell up.
*Side note: I feel a tad bit better now. Maybe the anger is coming from a place of nervousness because the landlord told me he is thinking about selling the house. This means I might have to put on some big girl panties and move and maybe actually buy my own house...finally. Holy crap, I don't want to grow up.