are you happy?

This chart in conjunction with THIS makes me think about changing things up a bit. I know every few months I get the urge but then lose the nerve to actually do anything. Maybe I just need a mental health day,I'll let you know how it works out.

my television debut?

Now I won't actually watch this because I hear I make an appearance. Thanks Amelia for the heads up...I was hoping I wouldn't make the cut.

And I am sure my co-worker hopes I have learned my lesson and go out with camera ready makeup at all times.


blog breakup

One of my friends emailed me today to tell me she broke up with a blog today (and it wasn't mine). She said she even sent them a little break up note-nothing mean, I believe she said it was "very cordial but matter of fact ." The news of her breakup made me giggle. I broke up with the blog too, just no note letting them know. I just disappeared like some mediocre date that never bothered to call again. She's a better person than I am.
photo from the blog that we broke up with.

It really is the only flow chart you will ever need

Everything is better with bacon!

from here.


weirdest craving

I had the weirdest craving for Papa John's this evening. But I decided to go with it.
I feel like a traitor to my normal pizza place...
and a traitor to "real" food in general.
Please don't call Jamie Oliver on me.


I work in a cube, with boring brownish kind of carpeted/fabric covered walls. My day job is for the most part uneventful and kind of boring. I am not 100% sure how I ended up doing what I am doing or what it is that I would really like to do because I am kind of sure I don't want to do this forever. But I do know I would love an office like this. Lots of windows, color, stacks of books and magazines (and a little Orla Kiely).

photo found here.

Sunday Bonus Bacon

This week has been a bit of a struggle with us (hyper puppy, no walks=a very unhappy house). Chewing, peeing, barking...oh my.
This week will be better.

Sunday Bacon

This was our fun Saturday night...pajamas, bed, and tv (Dog Whisperer to be exact).
Notice Bacon even has the head tilt going on. (and please do not notice all that pattern going on-even though it's hard to miss)


I would like to put these in my house...

but where would I put them?
And while I love them, I can't figure out how to buy one or even how much. Boo on my internet abilities today.

found here.


The Melt Challenge

The Melt Challenge made it on to This Is Why You Are Fat. I don't know if Cleveland should be proud or embarrassed.

I can't believe I am even going to put this in print

I am missing my daily (OK, 6 out of 7 days) 5k walk/runs with Bacon. I can't even believe such thoughts are even in my head-if someone would have told me a year ago that not only would I walk everyday and basically do a 5k 6 days a week I would have kicked them in the shins and then call them names. And I pity the fool that would have told me I would actually enjoy this.
It's been 5 days and I am not sure I can handle another day. My puppy is acting like an asshole because he isn't getting rid of any puppy energy. I am acting like an asshole because my puppy is driving me insane. And walking without him doesn't really help the my puppy is an asshole problem...


you see what had happened was...

My co-worker checks out my ass. She has done this openly a few times now. And she's not shy about it either but I am not calling HR (for that). I tell her I bought new pants, and she asks to see how my butt looks in them. And then either confirms the new pants are a hit or that maybe I should have looked in a mirror first.
Today at lunch, I was interviewed by a local news station for a piece they are doing on a local restaurant where the Chef is kind of a big deal. Upon returning to work and telling her all about it, she asked if I had at least put some lipstick on. Hey, thanks. Where were you before there was a camera and mic in my face?
And she also congratulated me on my knees not being as fat as my thighs. She's a really nice person, really.

where does the time go....

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I kind of feel like I have been beat up at work this week. Punishment for taking one day off shouldn't last three days should it?
I am seriously missing my walks with Bacon-it's day 5 after the surgery and the vet said no walks for 10-14 days (who is she kidding? there is no way we are taking 14 days off of walks. Has she met Bacon?) Monday I left the house just to get away from him because he was so annoying. Yesterday I made the mistake of taking a VERY slow wander about the neighborhood-one he felt the need to pee on every lawn and two I ran in to a "new" neighbor who happened to be a guy who used to work out at my old gym and I just realized he moved in to the neighborhood. There goes the neighborhood.
card available here. They have a fantastic card for saying I am sorry, too (because sometimes you really are a fucktard).


Sunday Bacon

Not sure when Bacon morphed in to a cat but that's sort of what he looks like in this photo.
This was taken earlier in the week and I have to admit, I was hoping for a photo of a cone around Bacon's head but sadly (or not so sadly) they didn't send him home with a cone.


some call it a sickness, I call it heaven

This photo looks like a little bit of heaven to me. So organized.
Wow! I can still leave the house without counting to 50 or locking the door 10 times and turning in a circle but that might be next.
image found at Real Simple.

April Showers

...bring May flowers.
While I don't like the rain, there is something about the smell of spring showers that I love.
And I like these umbrellas too. They might make the rain more tolerable.

umbrella from here.


Happy Friday

I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I took Bacon to have his bits removed today. And because he's million dollar puppy, of course it couldn't be easy. His bits had not descended and they had to kind of do a bit more extensive surgery than a normal neutering-multiple incision line in his tummy and I swear they shaved half his chest. This surgery stressed me out something fierce. I barely slept last night (even after consuming a lot of beer to help with the stress) and there might have been tears in the parking lot of the vet's office after dropping him off. He's home now and I am feeling a little bit silly for stressing out so much. And I am enjoying the cozy time with him where he is not trying to chew my hand off. Watching him walk around the house like he is drunk is pretty fun too.
poster available here.


a little update

It's day 5 of this manicure and I am not sure how I feel about this polish. The color is good, yes. I did use a base coat and a top coat even though this says "complete" (I tried it without and I felt it just needed the top coat at least). And it's chipping, but then again it's been 5 days. 5 days of swimming, cleaning, working out, typing away at a computer all day. I just don't know if I am sold on it just yet. Maybe I should try another color-a more springy color (since now we know it's "officially" Spring) and see if maybe that changes my mind.

like running barefoot through the grass

Yesterday while walking in the Rocky River Metroparks, I had the season's first sighting of the barefoot runner (and I mean barefoot, no shoes, not even these freakish looking things above). Last year I only ever seemed to see him on Sunday mornings so I was taken aback when I saw him last night. But it was the first ture sign of Spring to me. You know, the first day the crazies are out and about?
"barefoot" shoes exist. you can get them here. If you ever see me in these, please check me in to the nearest psych ward.


subway train hoops

The quirkiness of these earrings is great.
I wish they weren't almost $200 because I would order these in a heartbeat.


sometimes being an adult is no fun, no fun at all

I had a great talk with one of my friends last week about what's been going on in our lives in the past few months. It had been a while since we had gotten some time for just the two of us to talk without distractions-walking 2.5 miles with a good friend is not only good for the body but good for the soul.
She is a fantastic person and I am happy she is my friend! And sometimes she needs a hug.
image found here.

giddy with Glee

Tonight! It's back.
The cast was on Oprah last week and while I thought that episode didn't do the show justice, I was excited by the taste of a new Glee season.

ugh, you're grossing me out

Recently a bunch of my pregnant friends (and a few new moms too) have decided to post photos of their pregnant bellys! Ick! I think I might need to defriend them ASAP. I get the beauty of childbirth. I get it's a miracle. I get that they are excited. But do they really need to subject their whole friends list to photos of their naked expanding belly? Maybe I should start posting photos of my belly to make it even.


when the moon hits your eye...

I love spring. I love the warmer weather. I love having the windows open.
I hate my neighbor. I hate that now that this windows are open I hear him hawking up his lung and spitting lougies in the sink. I really hate coming up with new ways to avoid him. It's not even two and I am pretty sure he's drunk-because I can hear him talking to his dog like she's his drinking buddy.

Sunday Bacon

This is the photo of Bacon I have sitting on my desk at work. Isn't his moustache awesome?
He hasn't even hit puberty yet but he is able to grow the most amazing blonde moustache. My baby's advanced.


Blogger dinner-Johnny Mangos style

I am a litte late in posting about this but Thursday night a bunch of lady bloggers (and some blogger groupies) headed to Johnny Mangos to meet up for some good eats and some cocktails (check out the glasses and empty pitchers of sangria on the table and that's even with a number of the ladies do the Cut The Crap Challenge). It was great to meet people in real life I only know online (or have met just a handful of times) because I stalk their blog and it was great to meet some new people and find out about some great blogs that I was previously unaware of. There was also some fabulous hair at that table--makes me want to shampoo mine a bit less (sounds like it might be gross until you see the beauty that is this lady's hair) and eat healthier.
I also realized, I am going to need to work on my stories because these woman are hilarious!

gray by gray

This morning after working out I headed to Ulta to drop some cash on useless stuff...like nail polish. It's a cheap fix that ends up getting expensive and leads to boxes and boxes of nail polish but it keeps me happy and is cheaper than other additions so....moving on. I decided to check out the Sally Hansen Complete Solon Manicure colors because I have been reading some pretty good things about it. And I found this grey/blue color. I like the color because while it's similar to things in my collection it's also very different. I can't wait to see how it wears.

photo image found here.


I think Bacon might need a friend

But not a real live actual friend. I am not sure I could handle two pups at this point. So maybe I should get this cast iron doorstop instead.
Or I could not be the lady with all the Boston Terrier stuff and leave that title to my mother.
available here.
found here.


11 pounds away from laser hair removal

It's good to set goals. You need goals. Goals provide motivation, encouragement, and all that stuff. Earlier this year (or maybe even the end of last year), I set a goal for myself. A milestone goal actually. And what would be my reward for reaching this goal???? Laser hair removal!
As of this week, I am 11 pounds away from zap, zap, zap. (And approx 20 pounds from what I was at when I set the goal) Now if only I could stop eating the Easter candy that is outside of almost everyone's cube at work I might actually hit this goal BEFORE pool season starts because no one wants a wookie in the pool.
image found here.


It's baseball season again!

I am so happy that it's baseball season again.
It's too bad the Tribe didn't win today-not even close.
And this kid is awesome (even his too short tie is cool)!

smell like you feel

I think we spend a lot of money to cover up the smell of last night's overindulgences-it's called shampoo and soap and a hot shower to sweat some of it out. So I am not sure why I would need a cologne that smells like whiskey and tobacco. Unless of course it's to make people think I am having a more wild time than I really am-remember when I was 25 and could party until the bars close and still function at work the next day even though I went to bed about 4 hours ago? Yeah, I can still hang. That's the only thing I think this cologne would be good for. And while sometimes I miss those days, I am not buying something that makes me smell like the aftereffect of those days.

colognes found here if you want to smell like your twenties without the hangover and the possible job loss.

The sun will come out tomorrow

For the last week and a half my fridge has been out of commission and it has sucked.  Before it broke, I didn't think I cooked very much but this week has proven I cook more than I think I do.  (I also realized that I had to throw out everything I had made and frozen the extras for an easy meal.  This was very sad, and very expensive.)  Every time I want anything refrigerated or frozen, it's up the stairs to the empty apartment, then back down with all the stuff, then back up when I am done with it.  Because I needed just a little more exercise?? I kind of feel like Rachel Ray on her 30 minute meals show with her arms loaded with all the food she needs.  As a result of the fridge being in a different apartment, I have gone out to eat more or I east the easiest thing which is normally crappy or cereal.

I get a new fridge tomorrow-thank god.  I am sick of eating cereal for dinner.

image found here


Sunday Bacon

Even Bacon likes a good porch beer every now and again.


I am just going to go ahead and say it

Today, on this Holy Day (Good Friday), that not only did I eat meat (beef tartare at that-yumtastic raw meat from the Greenhouse Tavern) I washed it down with some ice cream.
Yep, I am on the express train to hell.
See you there.
image found here.