another confession

I super duper suck at staying away from online shopping. I hated the photos that my old Fuji Finepix was taking that I broke down and bought a new camera--online. Of course it was online. side note-I would have bought in a real store if it wasn't so much cheaper online. So out came the credit card and yesterday I received my new camera. (And my new sheets and curtain rod and curtain tie backs. I told you I suck at staying away from online shopping.)

And Then You're Gone

Last night I had the last minute opportunity to see Pink Martini play with the Cleveland Orchestra. It was fantastic. (I want all of their CD's as a result of the amazingness of the event) I am so thankful to Nikki and Anne (and Nikki's husband for not attending-as that's how I was able to attend).
There are things in life I never thought I would see and a conga line in Severance Hall was one of them. But after last night, I can't say that anymore. And to the guy in the front row wearing a Hawaiian shirt and dancing like the white guy he was, I thank him too.


waiting for Wednesday

I can't even talk about how excited I am for this 5 day forecast. This past weekend sucked with the cold and the rain. Where's my springtime? Well, it looks like it's I just have to wait until Wednesday.


who does this?

Who goes to Michael Symon's B-Spot and orders a salad????
This girl, that's who.

After a few days without a refrigerator I needed something green. Don't worry, the salad had a burger on it. While I wasn't totally good, I did get the vanilla bean apple pie bacon milkshake.
OK, I wasn't good at all but the food sure was.

Sunday Bacon--on Saturday

Seriously, sometimes I can't even stand it.


you know what we need a little bit more of?

A friend of mine reminded me of this group and listening to them made me realize there is far too little beat box in today's music.

so true, so true

found here.


multi-colored bacon

Instead of dying Easter eggs, maybe this year I should dye bacon. (the food, not my pup because that would be weird)

found here. There really is a website for everything.


Who knew?

Normally I don't really do much with my hair for work. It's work. There are no eligible men in my department or on my floor at work for that matter (OK, there might be a couple but they don't fit my love of short, kind of balding, hairy, and work in the food industry in some way or another. They are nerdy bankers who may or may not still live with their mother or in their mother's house. ) Because of the lack of hotties, I tend to show up with my hair kind of looking like this every morning because sometimes I want to go back to bed after working out and sleep wins out over looking cute.
For some reason (and possibly the new Chi flat iron) I felt the need to straighten my hair this morning. I guess all I needed to do to get compliments at work about my appearance was to brush my hair. So in other words, I must look a hot mess almost every day...awesome.

side note: I must say Drew is looking pretty hot in this photo.


Sunday Bacon

This week Bacon "graduated" from his puppy obedience classes.

And the most important thing I learned: it takes two people to get a photo of Bacon in a hat.


a girl can dream can't she?

My dream is to be on the Chelsea Lately roundtable. Preferably with Ross Matthews and Jo Koy. I am funny, I like vodka, and I can be mean when talking about celebrities. Let's think of how to make this happen...maybe I should start with being a stand up comedian.

Or not.

I guess my dream to be on the roundtable will stay just that, a dream.


I want, I need, i have to have

I am not 100% sure where I would wear these but I really, really, really love them. My half birthday is coming up (who says 33 year year olds can't still celebrate half birthdays?), who wants to buy them for me?
From Cole Haan.

Well, hello there

how you doin'?



I am having one of those days where I now realize, I just should have stayed home. It started when I was getting changed to workout this morning at 5:15am and Bacon decides to throw up on my comforter. Then as I was headed out the door to workout, he decides to poop on the kitchen floor. My workout was crappy. I was running late for work after cleaning up puke and poop. I realize I have to stop at the gas station before work. I also realized I was due for on oil change sometime LAST AUGUST-maybe my car will blow up on the way home. My front tire looks like it needs air....Lakewood city taxes are due, I need a car wash, etc, etc. The mind starts going with my to-do (or should have been done months ago) list.
To top everything off, my least favorite time of the month just happens to be going on. I head to the bathroom with 1 lady product in pocket. I remove from the package and promptly drop it on the floor. OH SHIT! came out of my mouth (sorry to the person in the stall next to me). And I think to myself...TEN SECOND RULE.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This lack of online purchasing (other than the new flat iron) must be affecting my brain becase I think this sweater is kind of cute and would like to be wearing it today. And I know that whales aren't very Irish.


Sunday Bacon-on Monday

I tried and tried to get a clear photo of Bacon picking out his favorite of the Twilight series, but even he's embarrassed to admit he likes Twilight.

He would hang out over at the book case: sniffing, sniffing, sniffing away. As soon as he saw the camera he would move. Then camera goes away, he's back at the Twilight books.


who knews there were so many hills in something called The Flats?!

Yesterday I ran the two mile St. Malachi race through The Flats. It was either 2 miles or 5 and I was just not sure I was ready to run the 5. Maybe walking over a 5k the night before wasn't my best idea but eh, whatever Bacon needs his walks. What I wasn't really ready for, all the little hills. What the heck?! Wouldn't you think something called the Flats would be flat? Nope. And another thing it was full of...potholes. Lots and lots of potholes. Filled with water.


online shopping fail

I am kind of sucking on my Lenten promise this week. First, I hit the vending machine. I wasn't prepared with breakfast at home, I was hungry, and too sore from working out to want to walk to Tower City. Stupid Honey Bun, I curse you.
And today it was amazon.com and the need for a new flat iron. I went online to price them, all willing to head out to a store and purchase one this weekend. That's when I realized it was almost $30 cheaper at amazon than anywhere else I was pricing. So whatever, I broke down.
Oh and I am going to have another Shamrock Shake this week. I am not counting it as ice cream so everyone can suck it.

land shark

I know this fantastic shark sweater isn't made for a dog, but Bacon is little and I am pretty sure that he 100% needs this.
found here.


why does Chuck Bass wear so much purple?

Now that the Olympics are all over with, tv can get back to normal. First, Biggest Loser was off for a few weeks and it's back but I'm sad to say, I am not 100% in to it. The last two seasons haven't inspired me the way other seasons have. There is no bad-ass girl who is kicking butt and taking home thousands in cash prizes that I want to be like. There has been no pausing the show to go run a mile. But I'm still watching-kind of.

Next Gossip Girl was new for the first time in forever last night. I totally forgot, but my dvr didn't. Thank you, dvr. I cannot wait to watch this. I love my "teen" dramas almost as much as I love my Bravo reality shows.

Now all I need is for Glee to come back and I will be good to go.


Sunday Bacon-on Monday

I love this little man.
This weekend we went on some walks, played, slept, and visited with some friends. Bacon was very excited to meet a co-workers son. A little too excited-after the nervous pee on the floor his little red lipstick made an appearance. That was a first.


this week's forecast

I'll take a 30% chance of rain and 50 degree weather later this week.
It's kind of sad when a high of 44 and sun gets you excited but who cares, it's sunny! I need to go enjoy this sunshine and take Bacon bit for a walk.


when did this happen?

When did I develop a need for Osteo Bi-flex? When did my knee start sounding like someone was crumpling up paper every time I bend down? I swear it snuck up on me. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that I was graduating college, but nope that was almost 12 years ago. And I no longer can sneak up on people due to my creaking bones. Sweet!


stupid Lenten promises that my bank account is thanking me for

I shouldn't torture myself by online shopping since I gave up online purchasing for Lent but the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures have me wanting to update the wardrobe for spring. I can't help it, I blame the craziness on the sun. And yesterday, I felt crazy for sure. On my ride in to work I got caught in a traffic jam where the only reasonable explanation for it was sun glare and this made me happy. Very, very happy.
I would like either of these pairs of shoes as a nice little update to the shoe closet.

from JB and Me.


so happy this isn't another Lauren Conrad book

Posts have been light because I have been totally sucked in to this book and I am loving it. It's not about vampires or teen queens and I am so happy. It doens't hurt that it's a bit steamy (I hear it gets better too...I might have to stop reading it at work.)
Thanks Nikki.


I have a lot of crushes on men associated with the food industry. Some are waiters. Some are bartenders. Some are chefs. Some are celebrity chefs. Another is a celebrity chef turned Travel Channel show host. And then there is Adam Richman.
While I love watching shows about food, I really watch Man vs. Food for him. So last week, the Cleveland twitter network was a buzz with info that Adam Richman was in Cleveland. I really wanted to stalk but I couldn't find out any info and sadly vegetating on my couch with my pup won out over stalking. Little did I know that my crush was about a mile from my house....DAMN YOU, MELT! If only I had a Melt tattoo, I might have been one step closer to being Mrs. Adam Richman.

image found here.