Sunday Bacon

Check out that ear! I just love it.

Also this week marked a big event in Bacon's short little life: he lost some "baby" teeth. I really tried VERY UNSUCCESSFULLY to get a photo because on the bottom he only he has his eye teeth and the two middle ones.

(ETA, I really hate my camera.....look how in focus that rug is but the giant image in the middle I want to be in focus, nope that's all kinds of blurry. Anyone have any great camera suggestions for me that aren't going to cost me over $500?


You gotta be tough

That Forbes article seems to have really lit a fire underneath the city's behind. I already know I love Cleveland, and while it's not without it's faults, I chose to live/love here. What I think has been our problem, yes a collective "our", is our lack of self esteem as a city. Do we not celebrate our past mistakes? Hello, there is a Burning River Festival. If you don't want people to keep talking about it, how about we not celebrate the fact we used to have one of the most polluted rivers in the US. Anyway, for years it seems we were OK to be the "Mistake on the Lake". We almost seemed to take an odd pride in our losing sports teams. Cleveland is like that girl who will date losers because she doesn't feel she deserves any better. (wait, we're talking about Cleveland here. You mean this isn't my therapy session and you aren't my talky doctor? moving on....)
Cleveland is a hidden gem and those of us who live here know what a prize we have. If you need some help to point out the positive, just look at all the #happyinCLE posts on twitter.
And if you want to tell Forbes to suck it...there's a shirt for that.

return of the crack

One taste or this pseudo minty goodness and I was already fiending for more. Maybe we should call Dr. Drew. I promise I won't take off my top and ask Mike Star to paint a bikini on me. (If you watched Celebrity Rehab yesterday, you will know what I am talking about. Kari Ann Peniche-slutty slut)
Shamrock shakes don't count this as ice cream in my book because it can be sucked through a straw and it's not called ice cream, it's called a milkshake (a technicality but I am going with it) and therefore does not violate my Lenten promise.


a Boner has gone missing

Boner, from Growing Pains, that is.
Hopefully he is found and is ok. He's been missing since 2.14.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something

I have ranted about how the house I live in is where ugly lighting goes to die and I wasn't kidding about the dying part. Last month it was the kitchen orb, this month it's the dining room light. While replacing the 3 light bulbs that all decided to die at once, one of them caught fire. Just a little flame to light up my night...except flames should not be coming from electrical lighting. This might be a sign that I just need to breakdown and buy the lamp I have been coveting for some time now. I can always take it with me when I move. (Since I can't purchase this online for a while, I have some time to save up.) And god only knows what my landlord would put in place of the flaming light after the nipple lamp of January.


do you know what's more embarrassing than reading Twilight?

What's more embarrassing is admitting that the first book you have been able to finish since reading the Twilight series this this one....

Monday morning TMI

This was my favorite purchase of the weekend. And it still didn't help the cause all that much.
At least it was good for something...I am down 8.2 pounds in 10 days and just a few stomach flus away from a weight milestone.
(I am sure adding two days of swimming per week to the 4 days of training I already do and the walking about a mile a day is helping the weight loss cause too)


Sunday Bacon

I just love that his one ear is starting to stand up.


here a pothole, there a pothole, everywhere a pothole

Imagine if Cleveland had someone planting little gardens in all of our potholes. What a green little city we would have. And maybe it could get us off that stupid Forbes list that has our city's panties in a bunch.

who have I become???

Did I really just catch myself internet shopping?! And only 3 days in. At least I caught myself before the purchase. But I am going to have to get this before next college football season starts for sure.
What has become of me? I am turing in to one of those people who can only talk about their dog, and shop for their dog, and thinks of their dog.
Someone get me a cocktail and a boyfriend, QUICK!

Winter Olympics 2010- Be Good Johnny Weir

Johnny, you are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! You rocked that tassle and a pink corset.

But what I am really loving is the gay drama he is bringing to the Olympics. Rooming with his rival, Evan Lysacek's ex girlfriend, at the Olympics-wow!

But what I was even more surpirsed to hear about than Johnny Weir's fabulous antics, was that Even Lysacek was straight?!

Right....looking fabulously tan and rocking Vera Wang.

I am sorry Johnny didn't win a medal. I would have loved for him to have stported this hat on the medal stand.


dark gray walls

I recently purchased a lovely gray and white duvet cover from IKEA for a whopping $15. And it makes me want to paint the walls a dark gray like above. What a lovely little cocoon my bedroom would be, I just might never leave.
image from here.

since I wrote it down, now I have to do it.

I am not very religious but I usually try to give up something for Lent. This year, I am going to try to give a few things. Things that aren't going to be easy.
This year I am giving up:
  • ice cream (my ice cream consumption has gotten a bit out of control)
  • the vending machine (I love the vending machine almost as much as I love ice cream and there is NOTHING in that machine that is good for you or needed. It's also overpriced)
  • meat on Fridays (I am already doing meatless Mondays so another day shouldn't kill me, right?!)
  • ONLINE SHOPPING, more correctly ONLINE BUYING. (I am putting gap.com on lockdown. Amazon, we're over for the next 40 days. If I want something, I am going to have to go to an actual store to buy it. I suspect Gap's 2nd quarter profits will take quite a hit as a result of my online shopping hiatus, sorry economy.)


I missed my Sunday Bacon

Last week was a bit crazy and I was slacking on my photos of Bacon Bit. So when I saw this photo over at Angilio: Loud and Proud, I figured someone else's Bacon would have to do this week.

Check out her fun finds and look at some hipster puppies.

I love Jamie Oliver

I think he's absolutely fantastic.

I also love watching all the TED videos...they are also available on itunes. I download them and listen/watch them at work. I mean, I totally pay attention to work 100% of the time.


When I don't feel good, I love to internet window shop

I have a cold that prohibits me from breathing out of my nose. This prohibited me from running in the Chili Bowl so I am kind of bummed today. And when I am bummed, I love to fake spend money I don't have by internet window shopping. Damn you Boden, I am ready for spring.

Anyone want to be my Valentine? I am accepting gifts (see below for ideas):

This last sweater is even on sale....


not making that mistake again

I am making sure I have my daily dose of caffeine today!


I would make a terrible drug addict

Yesterday I didn't drink any coffee-mostly out of laziness. I forgot to set the coffee pot at home, the rec center didn't have their complimentary coffee out, and I never made it downstairs to any one of the number of coffee places. Around 11am I started to feel the effects of withdrawal. By 3pm I had a kicking headache. By 5pm I felt like I could be a patient on Celebrity Rehab going through detox: I was hot, felt nauseous and all I wanted to do was sleep. And I was about as cranky as Carrie Ann or whatever that brat's name is.
If that's what I feel like after forgetting to have some coffee one day, imagine if I took real drugs. I would be a hot mess. And it's time for me to start cutting back on the caffeine--slowly go to half regular, half decaf and NO ONE GETS HURT.


you give love a bad name

Tonight I came home to my gmail tab blinking...." BAD NEWS (not his real name, of course) says..." and then all the message said is "What Up?" After well over a year of no communication, no nothing (other than a random box of post it notes on my doorstep in December '08): I get a what up IM?! (Last I saw, he was engaged and so in love I might have wanted to cry-but that's what facebook stalking will get you)

This guy was not the guy for me and I knew it (EVERYONE knew it) but I allowed the nonsense of it all to continue for FAR TOO LONG. And then I was heartbroken when finally I said enough is enough.

So because I am totally a girl, I am way over-thinking the meaning of these two words after a year incommunicado. But I guess we will never know because 30 min of thinking about it made me want to kick my own ass.

Happy Valentine's Week!!!

if i actually had a valentine....

...I might send card like these.

found here.


Sunday Bacon-16 week edition

Today Bacon is 16 weeks old. I am not sure when I stop saying his age in weeks. Usually with a baby it's 18 months, maybe 24 months. But what is it in puppy time? A mom that says their child's age in months after 18 months just seems a bit crazy in my book. I don't want to be crazy dog owner lady. But I guess crazy dog lady is better than crazy cat lady, right?!

These photos of Bacon are making me realize, I might need a better camera. But you can still see cute even through the grainyness.


nasal irrigation is good for you...sometimes

I do not suggest using anything other than the salt water solution. That can burn enough sometimes....

And Sam, I was wrong he does have a beard, but I do not covet it.
And after watching this, I might think bearded boys are WEIRD! Yep, all of them.


2.14 can suck it

This is probably what I am going to be doing next Sunday....
And by probably, I mean absolutely, 100%, what else would I be doing?!

And after a few hours of Face book stalking this is how my evening will go...

And speaking of sucking....

from here.

is it wrong to admit...

Bananas! I die

Taylor from the Rachel Zoe Project has parted ways with Rachel since the last season of the RZP. I am going to miss her spoiled brat attitude but there is still Brad so I am going to be OK. She's out on her own in 2010 and she has a blog over at Everday Minerals. And she gave a sneak peak of her shoe closet! Holy stilettos. I don't think there is a flat to be found. My feet hurt just looking at this photo.

I hope that I won't miss her too much on the RZP. Brad better wear his backwards hugh me sweater more often--or is that so last season?


brain freeze

I feel like this would be an improvement to how my head feels right now... at least it's Thursday.
ice cube tray available here.

I am going to need a warm bowl of chili next Saturday...

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of a bunch of road races I wanted to do. I am not exactly sure what got in to me but there are about 7 or so races that I am very seriously hoping to run. (Did I really just say, "hoping to run?!" I think I did.) Anyway, the first of these races is next weekend. It's the Chili Bowl 5k. The weather 10 days out appears to be good: sunny and 31 degrees. I already paid my money, so I am committed good weather or not. I think I might need to be committed too because I am also seriously considering training for a sprint triathlon later this year.
image found here.


a little advance notice for you

Did you know that Friday (2.5.10) is National Wear Red Day? Neither did I, until I was reading this month's Cleveland Magazine. While reading the magazine, aka looking for photos of people I know, I came across someone I actually know! That's always a fun event. My friend, Justine, is there on the left, sporting her red at last year's event.

This month is also the 20 Sexy Singles issue-normally a favorite (again because I am looking for people I know). I sure hope to heaven I don't meet any of this year's singles and within a few friendly, but NOT THAT FRIENDLY emails, does he ask me to click my mouse on webcam like one of last year's men did. (ETA: No, I did not do it)


1987 called and they want their pants back

From the "new" spring collection. WTF Gap?! Why don't you just make these in acid wash and we'll call it a day?

Holy sh!t, they have a jacket too.

a random rant about a sparkly nipple

I used to have a light that was very similar to the one in the photo above (the one in the photo is larger than what was hanging in my kitchen but you can get the idea with the above photo). When I first moved in to the house, I hated the light. I think I might have hated the pink walls and blue-gray trim in combination with the light. Now that the walls are a mushroom/taupe with white trim, I like the light. Too bad that light decided to die on me. So a phone call to the landlord was in order. Before I called, I thought about buying a new fixture that I would like to hang just in case the landlord tried to cheap out. Well, I didn't and so this is what the landlord purchased (aka my punishment) - a sparkly nipple.

I live in a house full of ugly light fixtures. I might go around the house and take photos to document where ugly lamps go to die.