Sunday Bacon- a few of the things I have learned over the last month and a half

  • things are just things and not what's important-health, love, and family/friendships are important
  • things can be replaced (blankets, rugs, socks, shoes, toys, dog beds...are you sensing a theme?)
  • there isn't anything better than a clean bill of health
  • UGG boots look better with puppy slobber and a few teeth marks on them
  • puppy teeth hurt (hence why the UGG boots have puppy slobber/teeth marks on them)
  • everybody snores, sometimes
  • a little bit of patience (baby steps here people. It took me 33 years to get this way, it's going to take more than a month to change)
  • you have to make time to play every day
  • a little cuddle time everyday doesn't hurt either
  • everybody loves bacon (and if you don't like either the meat or the pup, we're OVER)

  • Oh, and I'm with Coco


Have a great weekend

I am off to Pittsburgh for a girls weekend with some friends from high school. (It's also going to be Bacon's first road trip.) One of the ladies is pregnant so we aren't going to be getting too crazy. Unless by crazy, you mean, ladies let loose in IKEA with credit cards.


i need a change

I really want to change my hair color to something very similar to this....
My hair has been too many to count shades of dark brown, black, eggplantish, more dark brown but different than the last dark brown, reddish dark brown. I know I am going to need to have the color stripped out of my hair to go lighter like this. Does anyone have any suggestions for colorists in the Cleveland area that they love, love, love and would trust with their first born?

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this is not bananas

I am not sure where I found this photo of Rachel Zoe on the interweb but it's out there. And it's not pretty. Maybe Rachel should eat a banana instead everything being bananas.
Starbucks is not a food group (just like tights are not pants).


How true is this?

But not only are we checking out all of these things, we are also judging the other person on each of them.

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my those are some yellow pants

I not-so-secretly wish that my legs looked like hers. And by that I mean, I wish that my thighs didn't touch together. If that was the case, you would recognize me while out and about because you wouldn't miss the yellow pants I would sport. You can't have thighs on the larger size and wear pants like these, and it's too bad too because I found a very lovely pair on sale at the Gap over the weekend.
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Oh, Crappy Day

It's Monday already. Why is it that weekends go by so quickly and Mondays go by so slooooooowly?
I like that you would be able to warn your co-workers on whether they should bother you with just a simple piece of jewelry. Or if you were a meterologist, this would be perfect for you too. Unless you were a meterologist in Cleveland, then you would need to wear both at all times.

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Sunday Bacon

Check out Bacon Bit's new sporty spice jacket. The little side of pork is up to 7 pounds 12 ounces and he outgrew his other jacket. Can't you just tell how excited he is about his new coat? Yep he hates me sometimes. Just wait until Halloween!


you just might be the biggest loser

Dear Green, not so Dream, Team:
Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser before? Don't you know that it's kind of Jillian's thing to try and break people down emotionally to get to the root of the problem while they are working out? This isn't something new she is trying out, this has been the way it is for SEASONS people. So what's with you getting all mad that she is calling you and your mother bad mothers? While neither of you are going to get the prize for worst mom ever, please recognize that something went wrong somewhere if both of you are morbidly obese. And unfortunately, if you continue on as is, your daughter is probably going to end up obese also. It's a sad reality. Now put on your big girl panties, and get with the program. And if you are going to walk off the show like a big crying baby, then let me have your spot because I can whine way better than you can.

show me the money

I had a half day today and Mel aka Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Your Boyfriend was looking for people to explore the city with. So we decided to head on over to the Federal Reserve to the Money Museum. I had always heard good things about this tour but while I did find it interesting about the gun turrets in the statues out front that can hold two men some small cannons and machine guns, I missed the money. I heard you were able to see the old vault but we missed the vault. No large stacks of money. Mel did get her face on a dollar bill though.

What we saw:
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What we didn't see:
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Is it bacon?

eat it!

What a handy little chart about if it's ok to eat food you dropped on the floor. I used to eat almost anything I dropped on the floor but since the puppy spends a good chunk of time in the kitchen, I have been thinking twice (or about how recently I have washed the floor) before eating ANYTHING off the floor.

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vanishing employment

The Slate has this interactive map that shows job gained and lost starting in January 2007 through October 2009. This photo is as of 10.09 and wow, it's pretty depressing. It's interesting to watch the change from jobs gained to jobs lost over the 3 years.
I am seriously hoping 2010 is better.


Sunday Bacon

Here is just a taste of what my life is like at home. But usually when he is chewing on the boot, it's actually on my foot at the time. And why do I wear boots all over the house?
Because puppy teeth HURT!
Notice the rug and the closed eyes of pleasure on the dog.

sort of home I am feeling this morning.

Over It (click title to hear the song)

You make me so mad,
I should not have let you under my skin
You are just like all the rest, I guess.
I thought you were my friend.

Last night when you left,
you forgot to say goodbye
I guess you just liked to pretend you cared for a while.

And I call out your name as the cars go by.

Really thought that I wanted you just for a minute.
Don't worry, I'll get over it.

It's my own damn fault,
I should not have let you in so far, so fast
Nothing that feels this good ever lasts
Just like you never let go of your mess, no.

I really thought that you wanted me just for a minute, guess you got over it.
You called me up this morning, you acted like nothing happend.
You made me start to wonder if I'm being too dramatic
but how could you make me doubt myself,
thought you were the one who needed help
goes to show it's not just you -
I feel stupid too. Feel stupid too.

You really think you want someone just for a minute
but I get over it,
but I get over it,
hope I get over it,
don't wanna get over it,
but I hope I get over it


yet another guilty pleasure

Dr. Drew is a TVDILF (TV Doctor I would Like to Fuck). So smart, so even keeled, such a helper. And have you ever seen those arms? Dr. Drew's been working out.

Besides my Dr. Drew fix, Celebrity Rehab is addicting. It's like Intervention but better because it's "famous" people...and by "famous" I mean seriosuly D-list has beens and never was'. These people are a hot mess. You know you are in trouble when Mackenzie Phillips seems to be the most sane one of the bunch. I feel so much better about myself after watching this show.

When the resident tech looks like she was on drugs when she got dressed, it has to be entertaining.


Please stop eating, we are worried about you.

Maybe some plates like these would help with people's resolutions to lose weight in 2010. A plate that guilts you in to eating less. I love it!

from Fishs Eddy.


"Not on the face!"

If you are a bit out of practice (like myself), there is a whole site to tell you how to make out. .
And Don't be afraid to say "No," "Slow Down," or "Not on the face!"
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a bad sign

It's a sign of a bad haircut if the girl trimming your bangs asks you if you have been trimming them yourself, and you haven't. I want my regular stylist back from maternity leave ASAP!

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not even right

does this girl think her skills are such that whoever is riding her is going to need handles?
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Friday bacon

I have been trying to be conscious of what I have been eating and failing miserably. I know what I should be eating but instead I am craving donuts, and ice cream, and pizza, and anything that isn't a vegetable.
So this weekend I will be menu planning and cooking up a storm for the week so it's harder for me to fall off the wagon. And if a co-worker brings in donuts this week, I will hip check them on their way down my aisle.
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I am off to drink my Brita and chew some Extra gum

But I'll be damned if they think I am going to start shopping at Wal-mart. Biggest Loser, how could you? Wal-mart?! Now you are hurting my feelings. Why couldn't you sell out to Target?
While watching the season 9 premiere I decided my early fan favorite to be Orange. Mainly because they have some rockin' hair. Daris had me when he was on the scale in front of that gym full of people. Not going to lie, there might have been some tears (even though I want to blame it on PMS, I think the truth might have been that he hit a little too close to home for my liking). And then mama screaming in the gym...and causing Bob to get all Southern (that accent looks good on you Bob). Love them!

But I couldn't shake the feeling that he sort of looked like a previous BL contestant. It didn't take me long to figure out who....Matt. Do you see it? Or is just me?


why do my hands smell like breakfast and not in a good way?

Tower City is kind of lacking in shops I actually shop at but yesterday I stopped in to Victoria's Secret and picked up the Soothing Hand Cream yesterday (I know, how much fun am I that I go in to a place where they sell way more interesting stuff than hand lotion and that's what I end up buying...lame, I am well aware.) To the point of the story, this lotion smells a bit like cereal and milk---which kind of makes sense considering the ingredients include oat extract and soy milk. I can't tell if I like smelling like Cheerios or not.

kid, you're gonna be in pictures

I think this is a great idea. Celebrity mugshots=funny and celebrity mughshots mugs=really funny . It's too bad that right now they only have a limited number of different mug mugs.

found here.


stupid resolution

I would like this and it's only $20. I am not going to buy it (trying to spend less-and already being challenged). Can one of my lovely friends buy it and let me borrow it?


Wow! Batman is kind of a loser (and therefore someone I would have wanted to date in the past).

from here.


Having some trouble coming up with your own resolution?

Then go here. You can have a resolution generated for you.
This one is kind of funny because just as I was thinking about the new year/new decade, I was thinking that it might be time for me to give up the dream of this one particular guy and this was my randomly generated resolution. For years we have gone back and forth: I like him, he doesn't like me; he likes me, I don't like him. Well 2010 is time we move on from this dream and make a new one.

Happy New Year!

It better be, because 2009 wasn't that great for anyone I know.
My mom went to the ER on Christmas for gall stones (now has to have her gall bladder removed), co-worker's mother was laid off the week before Christmas, friends were diagnosed with cancer, breakups, job changes that weren't asked for...OK, I am becoming "Debbie Downer" here and you get the picture.
So here's to 2010, let's try and make it a good one.

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