Sunday Bacon

Sadly, no photo....not even an oldie but goodie. Why? Because my computer is packed and I am using my work laptop to keep myself from going crazy.
Bacon is spending the night at my mom's house for the official move tomorrow. This move has been stressing him out---peeing, peeing, peeing EVERYWHERE. (and it's been streessing me out too but I haven't been peeing on the fridge to express my anxiety.) And the new house must reek of her dog because Bacon has been sniffing every inch and trying to mark a few spots. This next few weeks are not going to be fun--basically re-potty training him all while trying to organize a new spot. But I love the new house and I will love it even more once my stuff is in it. (And yet even more once the new couch, rug, and assorted other things are in it.)
I figured out why I haven't moved in over 7 years. It's because moving SUCKS!

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Bite Buff said...

Good luck with the move tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you. Hope the snow holds off!