moving sucks

Initially (and by initially I mean before the move) I was thinking about how moving is great and how it forces you to decide on what is important enough to pack and carry with you...literally. I started writing a post where I waxed poetic on moving. This was because I hadn't moved in over 7 years and forgot exactly what moving was really like.

Yes, moving is great---you throw stuff out and all that jazz but moving also SUCKS! It decides to snow the day the movers are coming so every inch of flooring is wet/covered in salt. Things break. Things get ruined. Things don't fit in the house---yeah I am talking to you entertainment center, box frame and couch. You don't have working cable. Or working internet. Your bed is on the floor until that new split queen box spring comes in. You don't eat good food choices. You don't drink enough water. You dog decides he's not so sure about the new house and pees on your bed---that just so happens to be on the floor.

But then again, I haven't heard anyone hawk a lougie (even with the windows closed) since Monday. And the new neighbors gave me a case of beer the day I got the keys. Their son also shoveled my drive-way--with an actual shovel yesterday. Maybe moving isn't so bad after all.
image found here.


Fizzgig said...

I love that picture! Moving does suck! I found myself this last time (after 5 years)so lazy that Id pack things that dont go together, like my hair dryer in the kitchen stuff, my shower curtain with the dvds.I had to unpack everything to find stuff.

Eventually youll get settled and be "home".

Alana said...

Sounds like nice neighbors!