holy sh!t, a sale....and you say it's for charity?! I am in!

This past week I was one of the few lucky bloggers/ladies invited over to Michelle's (aka All Lacquered Up) house for The Annual ALU Cleveland Blogger Charity Sale.  A great group of ladies were in the house. There was was wine.  There was beer.  There were munchies. There were BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!!  (Also there was a little peak in to where the magic happens otherwise know as ALU's headquarters--I am so mad I forgot to check in on FourSquare.  And by sneak peak, I mean standing at the doorway to her office and drooling.)

After some chatting (which included me talking about swamp ass.  Yep, I am classy!) and some serious snacking and some drinking, we all headed downstairs to shop, shop, shop.  You can check out a few of the other ladies' loot on their blogs----Alana at The Dawg's Dish, Alexa at Cleveland's A Plum, Allison at Green Dog Wine, Heather at Mile 26 and More.  The other fabulous ladies in attendance were: Allison at Confessions of a Cohabitant, Charity at i heart CLEVELAND, Kelly at Sensory Overload, Michelle at Cleveland Foodie, Molly at Food N Such, Joceyln from twitter (@Legalesque) and a few more of Michelle's friends. 

All together the sale raised $1085.  And everything was a steal, so that proves we all bought a lot of stuff!  I couldn't believe how much product there was-I still can't.  And I heard a few "want to trade blogs" comments (OK, one of those comments might have come out of my mouth but I wasn't the only one).  Because really, who doesn't want makeup/skincare/haircare/nail polish/fragrance mailed to them on a regular basis?

It was a really great night for a great cause that I was excited to be a part of.  And, I am ready for next year!

Speaking of snacking---Heather seriously needs to post her recipe for her pumpkin butterscotch cookies. They were fluffy and delicious! 


Green Dog Wine said...

So good to see you my dear! :) We need a good drinking date soon! :)

Heather said...

So, you're the one who got the hair dryer!!!!!

Bite Buff said...

Looks like you made out well! So sad to miss it.