Towpath 10k on 10.10.10

That's a lot of 10's going on.  And it's why I chose to run my first 10k on 10.10.10.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I forgot that I was planning on going to Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival the same weekend-luckily no tickets had been purchased for Austin.  
So the 10k...it's over and it really wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be considering my shin splints and lack of serious training.  It was my longest run by 1.2 miles.  (That's wasn't my brightest idea but it happened and I am over it.) But it really was a nice run and I have run 5k's that hurt worse.  The weather was chilly but not cold.  The towpath, all 3 miles of the 6+ we were on it, was nice to run on-easy on the joints and really pretty.  Other than that nothing much stood out about the race-except how good that beer tasted at the finish line.  I had grand plans of using the run to try and work through a decision but instead of thinking about that decision, all I could really focus on was the number of dead snakes in the road and on the towpath.  Who knew?!  And that decision, still not made.

And just as an FYI, at about 5.5 miles Flogging Molly's If I Ever Leave This World Alive came on my ipod and it was the perfect song for that moment in my race. I would highly recommend it for a second to last song for any running mix.

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Katie @ Healthy Heddleston said...

Yayy good job on completing a fun race on a fun day!!

Heather said...


Aren't the dead snakes and frogs awful? I hate that about that path.

Fizzgig said...

a 10k is fantastic! good for you! i have a hard time concentrating on anything when i work out. im use to mindlessly watching tv.

finishingfirsts said...

Great job on the race! I love running on the towpath, although I've never seen any dead snakes, just a few live ones!