Sunday Bacon-extended version

Bacon turns 1 tomorrow so I figured I would show you photos of the last 10 months of his life and how he's grown to be my little menace to society----someone (and by someone I mean the loogie hawking drunk next door neighbor---I just can't imagine why he doesn't like me with a description like that---called the animal warden on a barking complaint.  So yesterday Bacon was given a warning---no barking, or else.  Now I could say he's guilty of murdering stuffed animals in 5 minutes or less but he's not the biggest barker in the 'hood.   Oh well, trying to move on and enjoy the rest of birthday weekend.

Bacon's last 10 months in photos:

(I can't even stand it)

(that's my boy)

(he is totally sticking his tongue out at me)

(bat ears)

(it appears his ears are a bit too big for his head)

My little menace!  Happy Birthday Bacon.


Bite Buff said...

Ha, I love it! All of the photos are so cute.

Lizzie says "Happy Birthday, Bacon."

Heather said...

Those ears kill me every time. Happy Birthday, Bacon Boy!

Micelle V said...

So cute! I just love Bostons. Great pics.

Alana said...

He is such a cutie!

Cleshopaholic said...

Happy birthday to Bacon, and a belated happy birthday to you!!

MyrtieV said...

I can't stand it either, Bacon is the cutest.