the roller coaster of this past week

This past week kicked my butt and then some. Normally I don't like recaps but this week just has been quite the roller coaster of emotion so I figured I would take a ride.

Monday: I had lost my voice over the weekend and started to not feel 100% and then I stayed out entirely too late on a school night with Michelle---drinking and chatting and snarking on everything. I loved it but it was a rough start to the week.

Tuesday: I went to look at a house-feeling even worse as the no voice progressed in to a cold. OMG, I love this house. I think it's the one. I love everything about it (except the price of course). I love the neighborhood, I love the layout, I love it!!!!!!

Wednesday: made offer on said house. Cold in full effect. Dinner at Market with two of the best Cleveland bloggers-Heather and Katrina. Food was OK, conversation was great, as always. Still riding high on house love.

Thursday: counter-counter-accept on house. The waiting to find out if the seller accepts your offer really is no fun, no fun at all. I am not patient---not a shocker. When I found out she accepted my counter I was so happy I may have squeaked or maybe that was just my voice from the cold. Nope, I squeaked sounds of joy. (I realize I am lucky because the counter, counter, counter game could have lasted days so thankful that it really was only a day)

Friday: HOLY SHIT did I really offer to buy a house I saw once. HOLY SHIT did I really offer to buy a house. HOLY SHIT can I handle this. HOLY SHIT what in the hell was I thinking. HOLY SHIT do I even like this house. HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT.

Friday evening: (drove by the house with a good friend who was in town for the weekend-also very excited to see Choich) No, I love the house. Starting to get excited again and waves of nervousness subside and eager anticipation starts. Tasty dinner at Cozumel and then Mitchell's ice cream (the apple cider flavor was delicious---had nuts and dried fruit in it too. seriously loved it).

Saturday: multiple texts from friends that are driving by the house and checking it out. We're on our way back up the hill. Less freaking out than day before. Mentally decorating the place-thinking paint colors and all that good stuff. Might have even gone couch shopping. Amazing dinner at Maxi's in Little Italy. The stuffed banana peppers made me cry because they were so hot but they are so good. I really don't eat there as much as I should. Then to Happy Dog. There was no shortage of hipsters or facial hair or glasses or skinny jeans or PBR from a can drinkers.

Sunday: excited! It's early but already there is pulling of documents needed for my loan and maybe even a slight cleaning out of some drawers. Sad that Choich had to leave early in the morning to get back to Pittsburgh.

The inspection is Tuesday so I will really be freaking out on (or I mean until) Tuesday. I really am not considering it my house until after the inspection. Once the inspection and then appraisal are done--I will post some photos. Cross your fingers that inspection goes well and then the appraisal.

I have yet to tell the icky neighbor about me moving in approximately a month----I am waiting until after inspection and appraisal. So until it's official I am holding off on the two finger salute dance and the lack up picking up dog poop routine.

image from here.

ETA: drove by the house again today (thankfully it's about a mile away from where I live now and I am not driving all over town) and I love it. Kind of can't believe it. When is that panding sale sign going up? I can't fricking wait!

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Heather said...

That's awesome about the house. Happy for you!