it's t-shirt time

Caaaaaaaabs are here!

I am a little sad that last week was the finale of the Jersey Shore.  I am going to miss my Vinny and Pauly-D on a weekly basis.  I will not miss The Situation kicking girls out for not being DTF and then saying how they were grenades because they rejected him even though it kind of makes me giggle.

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Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

That picture is hilarious - thank you for brightening my morning! Hans is going to love it as he too is upset that we've come to the end of this season. It was the best way to end our Thursday evening TV spree.

Fizzgig said...

ugh he is such a total douche bag! i cannot stand mike. my mom thinks he is super funny from dancing w/the stars. i toldh er she doesnt know him very well. ugh!

i still dont get why sam is mad at the girls and not ron. even after the reunion last night. shes an asshole.


Great pic! Totally obsessed with the JS!!! Too bad its over :( Atleast theres another season to look forward to back in Jersey!!!

Ps-Congrats on the house!