I have no voice-my co-workers are thrilled

This past weekend I lost my voice--a little bit. I thought I lost it venting my frustrations about my neighbor calling the animal warden on Bacon--he is a dog, yes he barks, but I hardly leave him out there barking for hours. And then the same neighbor confronting me on the sidewalk about picking up dog poop in my backyard. Said neighbor has agreement with my landlord to cut the grass and he hasn't been keeping a schedule about the mowing so there has been dog poop not picked up-sorry I can't always pick it up the minute it comes out of Bacon's butt. Sometimes it stinks----bad and we need to let that mellow a bit before going anywhere near it. Well, this week he stepped in a little present or two. So I have a feeling the dog poop lit him up good and he was so pissed that Bacon's mid afternoon barks set him off. And, I know this is going to come as a shocker, but I don't like being yelled at by anyone let alone the lovely man who hawks up loogies that happens to live next door. So I went to the basement and might have screamed a little bit-sometimes a girl just has to yell "you fucking asshole" and "cock-sucking mother fucker" a few times to feel a bit better about life. There has been a lot of pent up frustration with this neighbor and basically yelling at me twice on birthday weekend was enough. (and yes I realize that losing my voice passive/aggressively yelling at the next door neighbor is crazy) But here we are on Tuesday and I have no voice.
Actually I think I might be getting sick and the lack of voice is more from that than the screaming. Either way, I am pretty sure I might still be crazy.

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Fizzgig said...

eck! its definatly shitty to not like your neighbor! i share a basement with mine, so we see each other doing laundry and whatnot. i duno what ill do if they ever move out.

probably cry.