do you do your laundry with WD-40?

You don't?  Neither did I until I got grease from my car door on my new favorite jacket (it's a lovely swing rain coat from Land's End of all places.  Shopping at Land's End for something other than beach bags and towels is most likely a sign of getting older.  If I start buying shoes from there, someone needs to take me to the nearest shoe store and make me purchase something that is not practical but is super cute. Moving on...) So I tried a few different stain removers I had around and washed---stain still there.  So after a little internet consulting, the interwebs said to spray the stain with WD-40 and then wait 30 min and then spot treat with Dawn. I use Dawn a lot when I spill stuff on myself as it really does help get the grease out.  And I tend to spill stuff often so I tend to keep a bottle of Dawn next to the washing machine.  Well some WD-40, some Dawn and a little time and PRESTO!  Good as new.  Just a little helpful tip from me to you.  Just call me Martha.

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Jennifer said...

For animal product grease stains (butter, meat juice, etc) Leb always uses a little lighter fluid. He read an article once about the history of dry cleaning (cause I married a nerd) and it said they used to use kerosene... we don't have kerosene... experiment... lighter fluid removes animal stains. I'm now putting WD-40 in the laundry room for car grease stains. Thanks!