cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross whatever you want to cross

Could it be over?  Could I have found "the one"?  Well we just now have to wait and see.  Offer is in.  The waiting game has begun -- and probably the counteroffer game is on the horizon.
Cross fingers, cross toes---but I am sure if it's meant to be, no luck is needed. But just to be on the safe side, a little luck never hurt anyone, right?


Always a Bridesmaid said...

OMG! How exciting! Can't wait to hear the outcome! Good luck. :)

Jane said...

Good luck! I hope everything works out fantastically!

CLEshopaholic said...

squuueeeeee!! I don't know if you have your voice back, but take that as my excited squeal for you just in case you can't do your own yet! Good luck!!!!!