I don't know what it is, but I really want this leopard print velvet coat.  I mean who doesn't need a leopard print velvet coat?!  
The part that is almost more disturbing than my desire to purchase this coat is where it's from.  Talbots!  I am not sure if I turned in to a middle aged woman overnight or if Talbots just got a bit better.  Let's go with the idea that they have improved.


Heather said...

I am always telling Jay that Talbots is for old people, too (his ex-wife used to shop there!). Funny.

Justine said...

Since I have a problem and am at Crocker every day at lunch, I have to say, the styling on the window displays at Talbots is tres cute!


Suzanne said...

Just looking at their website, I really think they have improved. Kind of like Ann Taylor Loft looks more and like J.Crew every day. I am honestly considering the Talbot's peacoat in the teal color.