do you believe in love at first sight?

Should falling in love with a house be that way too...instant?  Some (OK, many) people tell me they instantly knew when they found their house that it was their house.  I don't know if I can say that I believe that....maybe because I haven't had that feeling yet.  I don't know if I am the type of girl who falls in love at first sight. Normally with love, I find something that mildly irritates me and try to make it fit to my standards which usually fails but that's because it was kind of a dud to start with.  And that's led to a lot of mistakes....maybe it's best to give love at first sight a try this time (we will start with the house hunting and if it works, maybe we will try to apply it to dating).

Actuaaallllly, I am waiting for the day someone tells me what house I should buy and what man I should marry...I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting or that will be a pretty quick end to me.

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Organic Warrior said...

We bought our house 8 years ago and up until about a year ago, I called it the dump. Only now do I love it. Love at first site, not sure about that. Potential is more my thing, I guess.

CLEshopaholic said...

I didn't believe it either until I saw my house. And yes, it was love at first sight. When you find "your" house, it may not be perfect, but your gut will tell you that it's the right house for you. Don't settle!!!