an awesome dinner

I read about this dinner on Allison's blog.  And it sounded super tasty. So last last night I decided to give it a whirl.
I love a Big Mac even though about an hour after I eat one, I hate myself. So a "healthy Big Mac inspired dish" sounded perfect.  I didn't have the bread she was talking about but I did have a Pepperidge Farm dark wheat and that worked just fine also.  Seriously...love it.  And the Thousand Island dressing was the perfect topper.
I didn't take any photos of my own process of making it--I have been trying to take pictures of Bacon in the Elvis glasses and couldn't find the camera (of course it would be NEXT to the Elvis glasses which I didn't find until after I made dinner)....so I totally stole this photo from Allison.  Thanks Allison!  (I hope you don't mind but your dish was awesome)


allijag said...

YAYYYYYYYYY! So glad you tried it AND liked it! :)

Fizzgig said...