anyone want to take an art class? taken an art class? know of an art class they recommend?

For the last few weeks I have had an itch to do something different:  something creative, something outside of my comfort zone (but not that far), out of my routine.  I have been thinking about taking an art class, or a pottery class, or some thing along those lines.  I am sure that the city of Lakewood offers some classes.  Or maybe a local art studio.  Or maybe I could audit an art history class or something like that.  I kind of get sick of being a banker from time to time.  And a creative home project isn't going to work since I really want to find a place to move soon--a place of my own where I can get creative and paint and decorate.  But until then, I am feeling the need to do something, something creative. 

Has anyone had an luck with adult art classes?  Any suggestions/recommendations?

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Grace said...

Try www.cia.edu and their continuing ed classes. They're pretty great. Pricey but great.

Lindsay said...

Cudell Fine Arts center is really cool, so I've heard and free.


Sarah said...

How about a cooking class? (Not art...in the sense that most people think of art...but still) A friend owns Laurel Run Cooking School (laurelruncookingschool.com) where she teaches all kinds of different things...which turn out to be SUPER FUN times no matter what you choose!