you ain't got not alibi, you ugly, U-G-L-Y, ugly

Yesterday my friend Eric posted on Facebook that he was heading to drag softball.  I just had to invite myself to this...and invite myself I did.  And this photo may or ma¥ not sum up what a fun time it was.  How can you go wrong with a 40 of the High Life, a set of bleachers, a ton of new BFF's, and some softball players dressed in drag?  (Oh and an Elivis t-shirt)

I can't remember if he is Buffy or Muffy...

And we have Avatar...

Between innings, they stopped the game for a musical number.  
Lady Gaga's Bad Romance was my favorite.

The umpire had some of the best legs I have seen...woman or man.  
And she was like 7 feet tall so there is a lot of leg going on.

There were not a lot of vaginas at the park but they sure liked to talk about them.  The cheerleaders from the other team even threw some douche at the fans.

I loved the cheerleaders.  I am sad I didn't get my photo taken with them.

That 40 of High Life got around.  But isn't that the nature of the beast?!
And Eugene looks fantastic as a blonde.

The travelling Elvis glasses made their appearance at Twist last night.  

It was their first Cleveland outing.

This year was the 5 annual Drag Ball softball game and my first time ever attending.  It was really fun and I think I will be adding this to my calendar of events that are not to be missed.

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All Lacquered Up said...

Color me jealous. Looks like a blast. Please keep me on your invite list next year. I want to see some drag softball and I haven't been to Twist in a few years.