Sunday Bacon

Last week, I mentioned how Bacon's drinking might explain his erratic behavior. This weekend, Bacon woke up on Saturday morning and had some apologizing for his behavior the night before to do.
Isn't that the sign of a problem?

here he is checking out the selection of beverages.

The night got a little crazy and Bacon may have gotten a little morally casual.

Bacon and Diddy. Heather and I are planning the commitment ceremony for these two.

Bacon got his first taste of lovin' and no dog was safe. Poor Lizzie. (You can check out some video at Green Dog Wine of Bacon terrorizing the party and in particular Lizzie.)

look at the crazed look in his eyes...wait, that's what he always look like

Thanks go out to Katrina for the photos of Bacon's debauchery. (She sent the photos with the subject line "crazy kid at the playground" and I hate to admit, that is exactly what he's like. He's kind of a bully and I know where that behavior comes from but he's also very forward with members of the opposite sex (and even a member or two of the same sex) and I have no idea where that comes from.)
Extra special thanks go out to Alicia, her pup Grady-the man of the hour, and her mom (who really is some kind of dog whisperer) for hosting the BYOD (bring your own dog/dish/drink). I barely got to talk to Katie and Alycia because of the craziness. It was our first pup party. Based on his behavior, I think it might be while until Bacon is invited back to any parties...


allijag said...

L.O.L. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT -Bacon has personality - that's what I'd call it, and everyone at the GDW house passes no judgment ;)

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

Of course Bacon is invited to the pup parties! I just think if we moved off the deck into the yard, they might have seem less crazy! It's all good - everyone in our household had a blast! Thanks again for coming!

Heather said...

Suzanne!!! That 2nd picture is HILARIOUS! Diddy was in rare form that night.
We'll have to pick a nice place for their commitment ceremony. Let's keep it simple, yet classy, ok?