house hunting is awesome, or not

I don't like house hunting very much. Sure those first 20 houses were fun...I mean you get to look at people's stuff and judge them. Then it becomes sad-because sometimes people selling their house is not a fun occassion. Next is frustrating. I haven't moved out of the frustrating part of the equation. I can't find a house I like, let alone love and want to buy and spend the next 30 years paying off. If I kind of like the house, it's one block from I-90 and sounds like the freeway runs across your front porch (well, because it kind of does). If the house is in a good location, the house is most surely going to suck. And if it's in a good location and the price is good, I am pretty sure I am going to be afraid to open any closets or go in to the basement for fear there is going to be a dead body in there.
I kind of think the house is hiding somewhere along with my future husband---I was never all that good at hide and seek or my favorite pool game:

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House and land said...

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