fist pump it up

I watch a ton of bad, guilty pleasure television, most of it on Bravo.  But I save my Thursday nights for MTV...the Jersey Shore.  I admit my love for this show loudly and proudly.  Mike, the Situation, making Sunday dinner for the "family"?!  How cute is that?  The dude is a total douche about 99.9% of the time and then he tells Angelina he will make her some chicken tenders when they get home from the club.  But the real reason I watch is not because I need to watch J-Wow's boobs grow every episode.  I watch for Vinny.  Vinny in glasses, Vinny at the gelateria, Vinny fist pumping with pit stains (google "Vinny Jersey Shore" and you can find the photos). He's the least oompa loompa of the bunch.


Bite Buff said...

Aw I love Vinny, and he actually looks kinda yummy in that photo! Why does he get so little play?

Heather said...

Vinny rocks my world (I posted about him, too, a few weeks ago!).
I need more Vinny and less Sammi and Ron in my life.