do you know what says crazy and unstable?

Wednesday I received an email from a totally different boy that I used to make-out with's email. (look at me all popular with the mens. They can always leave, but they are coming back-eventually. I am irresistible. I got skillz. Moving on... Where's that sarcasm font when you need it? I am declaring August "Crawl out of the woodwork" month.) Except the email wasn't from him...it said it was from his fiance. And the gist of it included requesting I no longer contact him...DONE! (haven't heard from him in months and nor have I tried to contact him-I've been on lockdown, repenting for the sins of the Summer of 2007 apparantly-I even had deleted his email address because the new droid added that to my contacts in the phone, thanks lady for putting it back in my gmail contacts. DELETE.) She also managed to call her husband-to-be a "bastard" in the email--that's a good sign for their marriage. And she made sure to throw in that he left me for her. Hey thanks Captain Obvious.

Seriously, is crazy in the air this week???


Fizzgig said...

sometimes this sorta thing makes me sick for our generation. is anyone faithful anymore?

i mean the new thing is being dumped on facebook, or finding out your husband is cheating or has a whole other family online.

i sorta wish i was this age in the 50s. minus the part where i have to wait hand and foot on a man.

Organic Warrior said...

I just went to my high school reunion Friday night & I'm pretty sure I could have slept with a couple of old married boyfriends. Seeing as how I'm happily married, I obviously wouldn't, but the fact that I could have is kind of horrifying to me. Oh and pretty much everyone I know is having an affair. Awesome! Honestly-why do they get married?!