apache...jump on it, jump on it.

If you asked my co-workers, a couple of them might tell you that my priorities are a little askew. No, my work isn't slipping. My workouts aren't slipping either. And that's what they are saying the problem is...it's been over a week since the first contact with an old "friend" and I have picked sleeping and working out over sleepovers and cuddle time. (and one co-worker wants you to know it's been a while so I really should get on that...pun intended. Yeah, she's the same one that critiques my outfits and makeup. And no, we don't hate her.)


Heatha said...

Good for you, girl.

But, I'm in agreement, you really should get on that. :)

Jane said...

Do it! (I.e. do him.) But also get your sleep. Sleep is underrated.

Fizzgig said...

I sent this to a coworker while on vacay who had a very similar story recently, that finally went somewhere.

its about time