We came, we saw, we witnessed (you being an asshole)

Cleveland is used to disappointment. We will go on. We will survive. We still don't have a sports Championship-we're no better, no worse for him leaving. And it's not that he's leaving that I am really upset about-he has every right to leave. (A lot of people I know choose to take their talents elsewhere. Isn't that part of our problem?) What upsets me is the way he told everyone he was leaving. How about a little head's up to Dan Gilbert and the Cavs front office-he let LeBron run the team as he saw fit and that's the thanks he got, he had to watch it on TV with the rest of us? How about not going on TV to tell everyone he was breaking up with us? How about a nice text message? Nope, he needed to make it a media spectacle. Embarrass us even further.
All yesterday's Decision really proved to me is that LeBron wasn't strong enough to get it done here in Cleveland and instead of trying to prove what a real man, what a real King he was, he chose to take the easy way out and ride the coat tails of his buddies.
A true Clevelander would have stayed and fought.


Fizzgig said...

I got dumped on facebook, and with a letter after 3 years. I would've much rather had a verbal break up even if it was on tv.

As i said last night, now they can take the mural down and replace it w/betty white, shes the one putting cleveland on the map w/her new show!

Courtney said...

I agree. Ryan's office today was very upset, they went around and covered up LeBron's head everywhere. I am just sad.