someone help, I think I need a (shopping) intervention...quick

I think I might need a shopping intervention because I kind of want these Birks.  Yeah, I am not kidding and that's what worries me.  I loved my Birks back in the day...and by day I mean 1992.  My friends called me Jesus, it was great.  But my feet were happy.  (even if I did look like a candidate for What Not To Wear with my Birkenstock sandals and wool socks and colored Gap jeans.  Yep, I wore that.  Don't judge.) Does that mean I am going to start wearing long skirts I make myself, go vegan, and twirl?  I am off, I have to tend to my compost pile and hit all the farmer's markets in my Suburu Outback.  
Or maybe just go look at some J.Crew or something, to snap me out of this...

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micaela said...

Pretty sure I was wearing these with you. The outfit also included a turtleneck, plaid shirt, and j. crew rollneck sweater (see, we still had j. crew in there somewhere.) I also have been wanting these Birks, though.

P.S. Just found your blog and love it. Will write you soon.