get in shape, girl

Yesterday I saw a woman in the lobby of my office building walking funny so it drew my attention to her shoes. After noticing she was wearing Shape-Ups or some sort of Shape-Ups equivalent, I looked at her physique and let's just say the shoes aren't doing their job...she was still out of shape. And I thought to myself, the only things that Shape-Ups do is point out that the wearer is too lazy to put some real effort in to working out.
So thanks Sketchers for making it easier for me to spot lazy people.


Bite Buff said...

I think these are one of the most hair-brained ideas that I've ever seen for shoes. I can't believe someone actually bought them!

Allison M. said...

I swore I saw someone wearing these in beachwood mall the other day.

There is NO WAY these work but inside you are wearing chunky tennis shoes.