Cleveland Blogger dinner-Amp 150

I am a week and a half late on commenting on this monthly dinner that this month (actually last month now) took place at Amp 150.  I am not apologizing, I am just late.  (It's kind of the new me, stuff falls through the cracks and I am OK with it.) Also I wasn't sure what to say about it to be honest.  But honestly, I didn't love it.  And it kind of hurt my feelings that I didn't love it because so many people love it and go quite often.  
The two things I tried just seemed to be missing something (seasoning, thicker sauce,???) or just a little off.  In theory, I should have loved the Apricot Gnocchi but I didn't love the gnocchi part of the dish. It kind of made me wish it was made out of ricotta like the gnocchi at Lago. 

The flank steak was just was missing something but I can't put my finger on what.  And the potatoes----um, actually inedible they were so overcooked.  (You might be able to tell that from the photo because they look-shriveled.)

This cocktail was really good.  It's a Blackberry Mojito and I could have had 10 of them or ordered them in a pitcher.

While, I didn't love my meal but the service was amazing. And while I also didn't love looking out on the lobby of a hotel, I will be back.  I am not willing to write off a place that everyone else seems to love and rave about after one mediocre meal. Plus the company was great and dinner with them is always a good time.  

Now my favorite part of the evening, besides the cocktails, were the cupcakes that So I Married a Chef aka Carly, brought for us.  I had the limoncello one-it's the one on the left.  And it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!  Seriously, I think it was the best cupcake I have ever had. Carly has a stand at a farmer's market out on the far east side (306 and Belle, I think) and I am seriously tempted to drive out there to try the other stuff she makes.  And she mentioned her husband was going to possibly be making pretzels.  Anyone wanna take a drive out there in the next few weeks????

Carly also brought these peanut butter bar cookies that I myself didn't try, I was too busy needing a moment over the cupcake but I heard were also amazing.  I seriously hope she brings some more treats to this month's dinner. 


Heatha said...

I have been wanting to go to the market to try the rest of her goodies, too.
I'm also in LOVE with the lemon cupcakes I got in my "goody bag"!!! :)

Fizzgig said...

ok so um, bad time to visit and see THIS post because I have wanted to eat massive sugary goodies for weeks now, and I feel deprived.

some would say to indulge in a little, but crackeads cant have a little crack.

mmm pictures!

Rachel said...

There's a cleveland blogger dinner? Me = sad. :( Being the new kid on the block is a bummer. I knew all the bloggers in Syracuse. I know ZERO in Cleveland/Akron.

Suzanne said...

Rachel, we haven't planned July's yet but I will make sure we let you know when we do! I think we're planning for dinner on the east side this month.

Bite Buff said...

Let me know when you venture to the market- I'm always up for a "road trip"!