walkin' in Memphis

and do you really feel the way I feel?
I am soooooo excited for a girls trip this weekend with a couple of friends from high school that I am jumping out of my skin. I need some time away, some time to relax, some time to not do much at all.
Bacon is headed to the kennel for the weekend-this is going to be my first time away from him since I got him about 6 months ago. I don't know how I am going to feel about that but I think I will survive. And I might actually get more than one night of good sleeping in. I love my Bacon but his sleeping schedule sucks ass. I don't get why he has to poop in the middle of the night...almost every night. (Maybe I will have a no food after 7:30 rule for him starting when I get back and see how that works)
Also, Mom is also still in the hospital so I am going to try and relax about that but I am sure I will worry a little bit (OK a lot but I will try and have some fun. My mom wants me to go and have fun. So the good daughterly thing to do would be to listen to her, right?) She is headed to aftercare/nursing home for a little bit after the hospital to continue her recovery but no firm word on when she is leaving the hospital but I will say they are finally starting to talk about her actually leaving and not in the distant future. (I better not have jinxed it)

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Fizzgig said...

i dont get the whole bathroom schedule for dogs. but what works for mine is they eat in the am, then go out to pee and poo, and poo before bed. they are twice a day poopers.

also, they take 10 years to poop outside, and dont think twice about dropping a load in the middle of my living room. seriously?